AKOTRACE® Electrical Heat Tracing System is the most used electrical heat tracing solution in CSP Plants worldwide. Developed by AKO, an innovator company constantly looking for the best solution for our customers, always promoting the technological change and profitability of the system.

Over 30 years of innovation AKO Electromecanica, S.A.L. and its US subsidiary  AKO  Engineering INC, is a company leader in the Regulation and Control of Temperature with Electrical Heat Tracing Solutions for CSP Plants, offering comprehensive support from project design and manufacturing, to technical assistance, to the system commissioning (turnkey projects) and after-sales service, making our AKOTRACE®  the most used Electrical Heat Tracing solution worldwide, reliable, secure, and always ensuring the health, safety and respect for the environment.

USA office contact information:


1490 South Price Road
AZ 85286 Suite 311

Customer Service (1) 480 428 5083

Contact AKO Engineering Inc. CEO Jordi Seró via Linkedin or e-mail: jsero@ako.com


European Headquarters:

AKO Electromecánica, S.A.L.

Av. Roquetes, 30/ 38
08812 St. Pere de Ribes
(Barcelona) Spain

Customer Service (34) 902 333 145

Tel. (34) 938 142 700 Fax (34) 938 934 054 | ako@ako.com


Contact our department´s managers:

General Manager: Josep Lluis Bescos  via Linkedin or e-mail

Marketing & Sales Manager: Jordi Sero  via Linkedin or e-mail

Operations & Delivery Manager:Antonio Rilo  via Linkedin or e-mail

Quality & Process Manager: Oriol Alsina via e-mail

Innovation Manager: Miguel Angel Gonzalez  via Linkedin or e-mail


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  1. Got to know about your AKOTRACE today through a recently activated Google search. Have not heard about AKOTRACE in my career work experience in Electric Heat Tracing in India, since 1978. Very interesting. Will study, and follow AKOTRACE. Expertise appears to be in High Temperature Maintenance Applications. Do visit me on http://www.mullanconsultants,com. Thank you, regards, Homi Mullan – +91-982081308 :razz:

  2. any suggestions on how to pump, store and heat molten salt for temporary period? I need to do so ASAP!!

    • Thanks for your comment.
      About your inquiry: Concerning maintenance and storage, you should take into account the salt´s temperature and the required volume .
      For temperatures below 779 ºF, you can use carbon steel.
      When the volume of the deposit is reduced, you can apply an electrical heat tracing system to compensate for heat losses through insulation.
      To discuss the matter further, an expert from our US office will get in touch with you briefly.

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