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Biodiesel is a synthetic liquid bio-fuel obtained from natural lipids such as vegetable oils or animal fat previously used or not, by means of industrial chemical processes, and which is applied to prepare total or partial substitutes for petroleum. The main chemical process consists of combining the oil (normal vegetable oil) with a light alcohol, normally methanol, and it leaves as an added value residue propanetriol (glycerin) that can be used in the cosmetics industry, among others. The vegetable oil source is usually rapeseed oil, as it is a species with a high oil content that adapts well to cold climates. However there are other varieties with a greater yield per hectaresuch as palm oil.

Customer needs

Prevent non-desired production stoppages due to the solidification of oil, glycerin and raw materials, and guarantee the correct operation of fire-fighting systems if it is required.

AKOTRACE® Solution

Based on Electrical Heat Tracing, using parallel type heating cables (Self-regulating and/or Constant Power) and direct temperature control that are included in power and control panels.

Where We Have Worked
Year Project Location Client
2010 Biodiesel Ferrol Ferrol - Spain Isolux Ingenieria
2010 Biosur Huelva - Spain Bionor
2008 Biodiesel Olcesa Cuenca - Spain Olcesa
2008 Biodiesel Calahorra Logroño - Spain Isolux Corsan
2008 Bio Oils - Huelva Huelva - Spain Desmet
2008 Biodiesel Olmedo - ACOR Valladolid - Spain Desmet
2008 Biodiesel Extremadura - Green Fuel Badajoz - Spain Miesa
2008 Bio Oils - Huelva Huelva - Spain Electricos Vázquez
2008 Biodiesel San Roque Cádiz - Spain Abener
2008 Biodiesel Galicia Lugo - Spain ACSA Sorigué
2007 Biodiesel Montalbo Cuenca - Spain Suris
2007 Biodiesel Monzón Huesca - Spain Suris
2007 Libitec Jaén - Spain Libitec
2007 Biodiesel del Guadalquivir Sevilla - Spain Copisa & BDI
2006 Biodiesel Ocaña Ocaña - Spain Técnicas Reunidas
2006 Biodiesel Cuenca Cuenca - Spain Técnicas Reunidas

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