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Bioethanol is an alcohol produced from corn, sorghum, potatoes, wheat, sugar cane and even biomass such as corn stalks and vegetable waste. When mixed with petrol it increases the number of octanes and improves combustion, reducing contaminant emissions throughthe exhaust pipe, such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. Its main application is biofuel, and it is obtained from the hydrolysis and fermentation of substances that contain Cellulose or Starch, from which Ethanol is obtained. The aim of Electrical Heat Tracing in this type of plants consists of heat accompaniment in the process pipes, to prevent an increase in the viscosity of the products, prevent phase shifts and guarantee the correct operation

Customer needs

Prevent the increase in viscosity of products (Syrups), phase shifts (Ethanol),
or the freezing of water pipes and corrosion.

AKOTRACE® Solution

Based on Electrical Heat Tracing, using parallel type heating cables (Self-regulating)

Where We Have Worked
Year Project Location Client
2012 Bioethanol Hugotón Kansas - USA Abengoa USA
2008 Bioethanol Lacq Lacq - France Abener
2005 Biocarburantes Castilla y León Salamanca - Spain Abener
2002 Bioethanol A Coruña A Coruña - Spain Abener

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