CCT power stations
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CCT power stations

Freeze protection of fluids in pipes, purges, tanks and instruments. Freeze protection of proportioning systems.Preventing condensation in piping caused by the gases used (natural gas, propane etc.).


Temperature maintenance in tanks and piping, preventing ice and snow buildup on roofs and in drainage channels.

AKOTRACE® Solution

Based on Electrical Heat Tracing, using parallel type heating cables (Self-regulating and/or Constant Power),temperature controls adapted to each process, and direct temperature control that are included in power and control panels.

Where We Have Worked
Year Project Location Client
2013 Combined-Cycle Bremen Bremen - Germany Cobra Plantas Industriales
2011 Combined-Cycle Lithuania Elektranai - Lithuania Iberdrola
2010 Combined-Cycle Soto Ribera Oviedo - Spain Duro Felguera
2010 Combined-Cycle Besós Barcelona - Spain TSK
2010 Combined-Cycle Sugres Ekaterimburg - Russia Iberdrola
2009 Combined-Cycle Cas Tresorer Mallorca - Spain Gas Natural
2008 Combined-Cycle Escatrón II Zaragoza - Spain Técnicas Reunidas
2008 Combined-Cycle Riga Riga - Letonia Iberdrola
2007 Combined-Cycle As Pontes Pontevedra - Spain Endesa
2006 Combined-Cycle Escatrón I Zaragoza - Spain Técnicas Reunidas
2006 Combined-Cycle Aceca Toledo - Spain Unión Fenosa
2005 Combined-Cycle Arrubal La Rioja - Spain Siemens
2005 Combined-Cycle San Roque Cádiz - Spain Nueva Generadora SUR
2005 Combined-Cycle Palos Huelva - Spain Siemens
2005 Combined-Cycle Boroa Vizcaya - Spain Cobra

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