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Industrial Process plants

Electrical Heat Tracing is the system that has taken over the market due to it’s cost effectiveness, low maintenance cost, easy installation, and due to offering the widest temperature ranges for both ordinary areas and hazardous areas.Electrical Heat Tracing is based on heat accompaniment using flexible Heating Cables, which adapt to any type of equipment or surface. These cables are managed by Local or Remote Controllers using contact sensors offering a wide range of control possibilities (ON-OFF, PID, PLC, etc.). This system guarantees the maintenance of the temperatures in pipes, tanks, equipment which prevents obstructions and breakages, increased viscosity in fluids, condensation of water steam in gases, and any other problem derived from losing temperature in processes.


Prevent the increase in viscosity of products, phase shifts, or the freezing of water pipes and corrosion, preventing non-desired process stoppages.


Based on Electrical Heat Tracing, using parallel type heating.

Where We Have Worked
Year Project Location Client
2011 CEPSA Huelva Huelva - Spain Cepsa
2009 AXIMA - Thermal Power Cas Tresorer Mallorca - Spain Endesa
2009 Biodiesel Ferrol Ferrol - Spain Isolux
2008 Cotinsa - BASF Dixquimics Tarragona - Spain BASF Dixquimics
2008 Seridom - BIO OILS Huelva - Spain Idom
2006 Cementros Alfa Santander - Spain Cementos Portland
2005 Repsol Química Tarragona - Spain Repsol
2004 BASF Tarragona - Spain BASF
2004 Liquid Terminals - Cartagena Cartagena - Spain Tepsa
2003 Navantia Sestao - Spain Navantia
2002 Azucarera Sevilla- Spain Azucarera Ebro

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