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The function of Electrical Heat Tracing in LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) consist of making a heat barrier in the tanks subsoil to prevent it from freezing and remover, cracking on the base, due to the low product storage temperatures around -160 ºC.

Customer Needs

Prevent cracks from appearing in the tank’s subsoil, guaranteeing its integrity and safety.

AKOTRACE® Solution

Based on Electrical Heat Tracing, using Constant Power heating cables, which are installed in the tanks concrete mat (subsoil), making a heat barrier and direct temperature control that are included in power and control panels.

Where We Have Worked
Year Project Location Client
2012 ENAGAS Gijón - Spain FCC
2011 SAGGAS Sagunto - Spain UTE Cobra-Sener
2010 ENAGAS Huelva - Spain UTE Acciona-Entrepose
2010 ENAGAS Barcelona - Spain FCC
2010 ENAGAS Cartagena - Spain Initec
2008 SAGGAS Sagunto - Spain UTE Cobra-Sener
2008 ENAGAS Cartagena - Spain FCC
2006 SAGGAS Sagunto - Spain UTE Cobra-Sener
2006 ENAGAS Barcelona - Spain FCC
2005 ENAGAS Cartagena - Spain FCC
2001 ENAGAS Cartagena - Spain Ferrovial

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