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We guarantee the key processes of the refineries at all times, ensuring the correct viscosity of the crude oil in the long line pipes, from the seaport to the storage tanks and the correct viscosity of the refined products in the long line pipes from the storage tanks to the seaport. The continuity of production in the process piping of the hydrocracker zone and the product quality maintaining the desired temperature of the crude oil and refined products in the storage tanks.

Customer Needs

Guarantee the correct viscosity of the refined products and the desired temperature.

AKOTRACE® Solution

Based on Electrical Heat Tracing, using parallel type heating cables (Self-regulating and/or Constant Power), Series Resistance Heating Cable, temperature control adapted to each process, and direct tempe¬rature control that are included in power and control panels.

Where We Have Worked
Year Project Location Client
2014 Naftan Russia Duro Felguera
2013 Volgogrado Russia Inite Industrial - Lukoil
2009 Cepsa Huelva Huelva - Spain Cepsa
2004 Cymi Madeira - Portugal Enelec - Petrogal

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