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Terminals, whether they are oil, gas or petrochemical, terminals are facilities where companies receive, store and forward bulk liquid petroleum, chemicals or biofuels.

Customer Needs

To avoid temperature fluctuations during the process of reception, storage and distribution.

AKOTRACE® Solution

RECEPTION & FORWARDING: Our solution prevents the loss of temperature in the piping. In addition, the pipelines in terminals can reach hundreds of meters and our AKOTRACE solution is one of the few ones worldwide capable of tracing pipelines of such dimensions.
STORAGE TANKS (LNG TANKS): Our solution builds a heat barrier in the tank´s foundation, preventing it from freezing and avoiding the formation of cracks in its base, thus guaranteeing the right thermal reading in the tank.

Where We Have Worked
Year Project Location Client
2013 Oryx Canarias Gran Canaria - Spain Oryx
2013 Meroil Barcelona - Spain Meroil
2012 Tradebe Barcelona Barcelona - Spain Tradebe
2009 Decal Huelva Huelva - Spain Decal
2008 Terminal Portuaria II & III Valencia - Spain Tepsa
2007 Terminal Portuaria I Valencia - Spain Tepsa
2001 Terquimsa Tarragona - Spain Vopak

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