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Global Solution

AKOTRACE® is a heat tracing solution that offers comprehensive support from project, design and manufacturing, control and monitoring for the Oil & Gas, Energy and Industrial sectors.

R&D Reengineering

We have a strong research and development area with an Experimentation Lab, where calculations stress trials and tests are carried out to know exactly how our AKOTRACE® solution and its applications work. More specifically, the AKOTRACE LAB and R+D Team focus on providing optimal heat tracing designs and components considering different real life scenarios; optimizing installation guidelines and best practices, as well as regulation and control algorithms from durability, start-up and temperature-recovery process and steady-state operation state. Our team also performs training sessions to take full advantage of our AKOTRACE Solution and make sure that all involved follow best practices procedures. .

Project Engineering

From the start, our Engineering Division takes responsibility for using our own study tools, identifying the solution best adapted to the customer’s needs, optimizing investment, installation, energy and maintenance costs.

Heating Cable Project

Pioneers in using cable as System (versus component), we have become specialists in all heating cable engineering and technologies. Specialists in CW- Constant Wattage cable and SR-Self Regulating cable capable to work in up to 200ºC (329ºF) and cut to length solutions. In high working temperatures we use MI-Mineral Insulation cable and tubular heaters found inside a metal capsule that allows withstanding temperatures of up to 600ºC (1112ºF) and is also cut made to measure for the installation.

Power & Control Project

Our EHT system is so successful in part because it provides the best power distribution and control solution: PROTrace® . Our PROTrace® cabinets are in charge of monitoring and distributing the power from the connection point to system´s control. They can have different mechanism of redundancy, they are fully adaptable, and can be concentrated in different locations (indoor or outdoor) or distributed throughout the field (outdoor), no matter the weather conditions or the needed certifications.
Our system´s control is based in Electronics Control or on our DUOControl Trace, founded on a PLC Platform, and integrated into PROTrace® cabinets, that’s can permit to choice the best advanced control algorithms for the specific application.
Monitoring System

Our AKONet Trace software allows supervision and control of the entire installation locally and remotely. It is flexible enough to be installed in several client-server settings and PC panel platforms. It also can be connected and integrated in a redundant and safe manner inside the control room of the plants DCS, using practically any communications protocol or OPC servers.

Installation & Start-Up

Our Project Division is highly skilled and provides broad experience, offering a flexible and modular service capable of adapt itself to any circumstance.

Warranty & Quality

We offer a 2 year warranty program on all products and a 10 year warranty for the installation. We manage spare parts and have the necessary materials and staff to prevent or to cope with any incident in the system.

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