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Baking Industry. Controlled Fermentation Chambers

The process of controlled fermentation is one where fermentation of the dough used to manufacture bread is controlled using a combination of temperatures passing from cold to hot. This provides numerous advantages:

  • Prevents the need for night work. Bread loaves can be produced during the day and then baked at any time desired.
  • Savings on yeast since the desired fermentation time can be programmed in the chamber.
  • Better preservation and flavour for the end product since a long fermentation time can be applied.
  • Warm bread can be available at the point of sale at a wider range of times.

The AKO Benefits

energy saving

Funcionality suited to each application. Integrated control solutions for optimization of process performance. Advanced control functions.


Remote management with always-on acces to the control system. Standard communicat. protocols: Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, Bluetooth. Interoperability with third-party control and monitoring systems. Advanced control functions.


Fast installlation. Easy-to-use tools, wizards and setup. User-friendly navigation menus and graphical interfaces. Advanced control functions.

Safety & Security

Critical information log and preventive maintenance functions. Complies with international safety standards and regulations. Robust, reliable solutions. Advanced control functions.