Drying Facilities

At drying facilities, the primary parameters controlled are:

-Temperature, relative humidity, and air movement. The curing conditions for a product such as cheese involves a temperature of about 12 °C and a relative humidity from 65-95%, depending upon the type of cheese. In order to maintain these conditions, the refrigeration equipment and heating coils must be connected to a thermostat and a hygrostat, respectively.

  • The process of removing the water vapour contained in the air, also known as humidity, must be controlled. There are a variety of processes for removing humidity from the air, which is an operation often performed in climate control (air conditioning) and many industrial processes such as those used for drying and preservation of various types of products.

The AKO Benefits

energy saving

Funcionality suited to each application. Integrated control solutions for optimization of process performance. Advanced control functions.


Remote management with always-on acces to the control system. Standard communicat. protocols: Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, Bluetooth. Interoperability with third-party control and monitoring systems. Advanced control functions.


Fast installlation. Easy-to-use tools, wizards and setup. User-friendly navigation menus and graphical interfaces. Advanced control functions.

Safety & Security

Critical information log and preventive maintenance functions. Complies with international safety standards and regulations. Robust, reliable solutions. Advanced control functions.