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Meat industry. Abbatoirs

The food industry is the area of industry responsible for production, transformation, preparation, conservation, and packaging foods for human and animal consumption. Raw materials used in this industry are centred on fruit and vegetable products (Agricultural) and animal-based products (Livestock and animal raising). Before animals are slaughtered a series of health inspections are performed. The meat is then placed in airing chambers, usually for 24 hours. These are refrigerated chambers with their temperature held at 0-5 °C to limit microorganism contamination.

  • The abattoir is the first element involved in the production process, and the specific processes carried out include slaughter and de-boning.
  • The products are destined for direct human consumption. Monitoring temperatures indicated is necessary to determine whether the installation is functioning correctly.

The AKO Benefits

energy saving

Funcionality suited to each application. Integrated control solutions for optimization of process performance. Advanced control functions.


Remote management with always-on acces to the control system. Standard communicat. protocols: Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, Bluetooth. Interoperability with third-party control and monitoring systems. Advanced control functions.


Fast installlation. Easy-to-use tools, wizards and setup. User-friendly navigation menus and graphical interfaces. Advanced control functions.

Safety & Security

Critical information log and preventive maintenance functions. Complies with international safety standards and regulations. Robust, reliable solutions. Advanced control functions.