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Produce Industry(Fruits & Vegetables)

In the produce industry, rapid cooling of products is required once they have been harvested in order to eliminate what is known as field heat. This will ensure maintenance of the cold chain and will slow down physiological and pathological actions. The principal cooling agents are cold air, cold water, vacuum, and moist air, with a variety of techniques used with each of these:

  • Air-cooling, used in the cooling phase to maintain quality and prevent losses in products very sensitive to dehydration such as carrots and leafy green vegetables (lettuce, spinach, celery, cabbage, etc.).
  • Hydro-cooling, where the product is cooled through contact with water at 0 °C using immersion or spraying systems.
  • Vacuum cooling, where product cooling takes place in just a few minutes using a cooling evaporator. This is used for fruits and vegetables with a porous composition (strawberries and mushrooms).
  • Controlled atmosphere, which is applied using atmospheres low in O2 and rich in CO2. This prolongs the storage period and is used mainly for pome fruits (apples and pears).
  • Also pre-prepared products, primarily vegetables, which are subjected to processes for cleaning, washing, chopping, and slicing, and where it is essential to use cold to maintain the chain between 0 and 4 °C.

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