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Supermarkets & Hypermarkets

A hypermarket is a commercial establishment operating under a self-service system, with extended opening hours and a retail sales area of 2,500 square meters or more. A great variety of products are sold including food, home and general products, as well as clothing and shoes. Hypermarkets tend to be located at the edges of large cities close to highways with heavy vehicle traffic and usually provide free parking for their customers in large car parks. Hypermarkets and supermarkets will typically possess the following list of chambers and laboratories:

  • Temperature viewing to ensure that the temperature regimen is appropriate for the products stored.
  • Compliance with the standard applied to the food product cold chain.
  • Compliance with Safety Regulations for Refrigerated Facilities and Installations to prevent serious workplace accidents involving workers trapped inside refrigerated areas from freezing.
  • Prevention of breakage in drainage pipes caused by water freezing.
  • Prevention of lifting floor materials and assurance of safe access to the freezing chambers for both machinery and personnel.

The AKO Benefits

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Safety & Security

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