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AKO-55123B 1-Channel Trapped Person Alarm

1-Channel Trapped Person Alarm with a 230Vac Battery

  • Interface with indications for alarm and battery status and push-button wiring error
  • Powerful Acoustic and Visual Alarm with 1 push-button included
  • Detection system for broken wire or bad connection between push-button and station

AKO-55323B Double Trapped Person Alarm for Negative Cold Rooms

Trapped Person Alarm for Negative Cold Rooms in accordance with RD138/2011 230Vac

  • A single device with a double display which complies with the requirement to install an alarm with battery and another alarm without battery in negative cold rooms
  • Two independent panels with individual power supply as required by law

AKO-55424B Trapped Person Alarm for 4 Cold Rooms with Battery

4-Channel Trapped Person Alarm with Battery 90-240Vac

  • 2 push-buttons Included
  • Display indication shows the cold room in which the alarm is activated
  • Indication of connection status on each of the push-buttons

AKO-55326 Trapped Person Push-Button

Push-button for Trapped Person Alarm

  • Can withstand temperatures up to -50ºC (unique on the market)
  • Robust design and larger actuator
  • Front part in green according to European safety regulations and improved luminous signalling

AKO-58120 Push-Button Protector

Push-Button Protector

  • Manufactured from steel for maximum robustness
  • Prevents damage to the push-button in the event of potential carriage impacts
  • Their design protects the unit without interfering with the operation or visibility of the push-button