AKO-7133x / AKO-7137x

Series cable silicone insulation

Heating cable with silicone insulation.

They are apt for protection against frost and temperature maintenance in the refrigeration industry. Particularly suitable for domestic electricity, protection against frost in machines of the cold storage industry and the refrigeration industry.

Application: Industry and refrigeration


Series cable Quartz fibber insulation

Exposure temperature up to 900 ºC with quartz fibber insulation.

Quartz fiber insulation. Very flexible to adapt it to very small pipes. Installation in dry places with no risk of humidity. These kinds of heating cables are suitable for heating pipes and surfaces up to a maximum temperature of 800 ºC.

Application: Industry


Series cable mineral insulation

Exposure temperature up to 600º C with mineral insulation.

Magnesium oxide insulation. Stainless steel exterior covers. Sufficient flexibility to adapt it to surfaces. These kinds of cables are used to heat pipes, tanks, hoppers and other processing equipment up to 500 ºC and in cases where cables must withstand up to 600 ºC with the cables disconnected.

Application: Industry