AKO-D14012, AKO-D14023-C

Range from -50 ºC to +150 ºC, panel mounting

Temperature display.

Application: Industrial and commercial refrigeration, displays, incubators, vehicles

Temperature display in °C or °F with decimal point. NTC/PTC probe selectable byprogramme. Allows probe calibration. A single button for adjusting parameters. The AKO-14023-C model has integrated RS-485 communication.

AKO-13012, AKO-13020

Range from -50 ºC to +99 ºC, panel mounting, small format

Small dimensions 66 x 32 x 56 mm.

Application: Industrial and commercial cold, displays, cabinets, etc.

The dimensions of the panel cut-out make them exchangeable with traditional mechanical thermometers, by also integrating the thermostat and defrost clock function in a single unit. Programmable for cold and heat. Defrost by compressor stop. Possible password for entering programming, indication in ºC or ºF programme selectable and probe calibration.