CAMM Module
The only and differential tool of improvement of the service for the installer of cold rooms.

Module of connectivity and of storage of key information of the installation that allows access to the controller AKOCORE from the App in the mobile.

Download the App here:

  • AKO CAMM Tool for the installer:

  • AKO Fit for the end user:

Easier configuration

  • Simplify configuration through the AKOTool APP
  • Save your favorite settings
  • Share configurations through Share mode

Camm Module: Initial setup : see video

Useful information of the installation

  • Quick visualization of the main performance indicators of the installation
  • Provides complete information about the use and behavior of the installation:
    • List of Events
    • Audit of modifications in the configuration of the controller
    • Alarm activation
    • Open Door Time
    • Time within regulation range
  • Continuous temperature recording with on-screen graphic display

Local and Remote Connectivity

  • Local Connection to the equipment by App
  • Remote connection through share Mode

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