AKONet.Cloud is the software of smart monitoring and decision support that allows maintenance managers to know the status of installations from anywhere and at any time.

This platform of AKO in the cloud helps us to process all the received data and present them in the most intuitive and useful way for the management, facilitating the decision making, and that allows:

Group devices (without limit in the number of devices), by center, region, country, type of product stored, etc ..., providing the possibility of analyzing data not only by equipment, but in the global of one or several groups .

Generation and programming of reports focused on detecting areas of improvement in product conservation, energy efficiency or the detection of sanitary risk in food, among others.

Notification and document management of alarms, ensuring, not only the quick resolution of incidents, but facilitating the bureaucratic management of them with a repository that helps us identify common problems and establish corrective action plans.

• Detect work temperatures lower or higher than desired, which incur, either in a greater energy expenditure, or in a risk in the conservation of the product that can ultimately lead to direct losses.

• Alert about bad practices in daily operations, such as prolonged door openings in cold rooms that cause both higher energy consumption and poor product preservation.

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