Permanent high-precision gas detector

Application: machine rooms, cold room stores, sales rooms and preparation rooms.

Installation of a fixed gas detection system in premises, with a concentration of over 25 kg of freon gas (50 kg in the case of the R17), where there should be an optical and acoustic alarm, both inside and outside the building and the possibility of sending a signal in the event of an incident for remote monitoring.

Furthermore, the use of this device allows immediately detecting possible gas leaks with levels of 500 ppm (according to model), to minimise risks for people in occupied spaces and the economic impact of the loss of refrigerated gas. It also has a warning system in the event of a broken cable in the sensors, supplied with a calibration guarantee of 3 years.


Gas detector + Trapped person alarm.

Application: machine rooms, negative cold room stores, sales rooms, preparation rooms, food logistics and distribution centres.

COMBIAlarm allows a fast and easy installation in the configuration of the device. It is also very precise to detect from 500 ppm (according to the type of gas), which guarantees a safe and efficient facility.

The easiest and most efficient way to comply with current standards in your refrigerated facilities with the most complete and flexible device on the market. It is made up of a central unit with powerful acoustics and display with IP65 protection so that it can be installed in hostile environments. Up to 4 luminous emergency buttons that can be connected to be used as a single trapped person alarm or a combination of up to 2 gas leak sensors and 2 emergency buttons.


Gas detector + Trapped person alarm. RD 138/2011 - EN 378-1 -3

Alarma detección fuga de gas + hombre encerrado para instalaciones refrigeradas tanto positivas como negativas.

Aplicación: salas de máquinas, cámaras frigoríficas positivas y negativas, salas de venta, salas de preparación, centros de logística y distribución de alimentos.

La forma más fácil y eficiente de cumplir con la normativa vigente en sus instalaciones refrigeradas tanto negativas como positivas. Se compone de una unidad central con una potente acústica y visualización, con protección IP65 para que pueda ser instalada en ambientes hostiles. Hasta 2 sensores de fuga de gas y 2 botones de emergencia. No recomendado para zonas clasificadas como potencialmente explosivas. No contiene batería interna.


Accessory for the CAM Alarm and CAM Gas ranges

Application: Cold room stores, sales rooms, preparation rooms, food logistics and distribution centres.

Set of two metal protectors especially designed to guarantee the correct operation of the units and increase the operating life of the gas detectors and pushbuttons. Designed to withstand knocks from fork lifts or trolleys, something that is common in the areas where AKOCam units are installed.