• Metal enclosure with dimensions as shown, with RAL-7032-5 grey metallic textu- red powder coating with PM.
  • Main switch, three pole, live switching, front control.
  • Three-way selector swi tch, 22 mm diameter, for controlling condenser unit
    (0-Off, 1-Collect gas, 2-Automatic).
  • Indicator lamps for condenser unit status and faults, and other microprocessor
  • Vinyl mimic panel with refrigeration circuit
  • Direct starter with no thermal cutout for condenser unit
  • Three polar contactor circuit resistances for defrost (20 A in AC-1).
  • Single-pole magneto-thermal cutout for control circuits, single-pole + neutral
  • Connection terminals to range elements in power and maneuver.
  • Control of installation made in AKO
  • Numbering of power and control components
  • Electrical diagrams and documentations
  • Moeller brand switchgear