Constructive features:

  • Direct starter with electronic overload relay, adjustable from 3 to 25A.
  • Compressor, condenser fan and evaporator control.
  • Defrost by air or by electric heat.
  • Large size display for better temperature viewing.
  • Operation and alert message indicator icons on screen.
  • On/off switch for installation, with automatic pump down controller.
  • Fast programming menu (frequency and duration for defrosting, fan status during defrosting).
  • Hot key for manual defrosting.
  • Hot key for adjusting temperature.
  • General circuit-breaker.
  • Single-phase condenser fans: one in conjunction with the compressor, the other via the PA.
  • Single-phase fuse protected output for: single-phase EC condenser fan power supply, single-phase condenser fan speed controller power supply, trapped person connection or temperature recorder.
  • Three-phase condenser fans: one in conjunction with the compressor, with the independent contactor, and the other via the PA with an electronic overload relay.
  • Input for condenser fan clixons.
  • Single-pole circuit breaker + general neutral controller.
  • Configurable digital inputs, for special controllers such as: door contact, setpoint switch, remote defrosting, etc.
  • Thermoplastic casing IP-65, 400x300x165 in models with single-phase fans and 500x400x175 in models with three-phase fans.
  • Moeller brand switchgear.