Module for sending alarm notifications via SMS, needing only one voltaje-free contact to trigger the alarm and send it.

Activation module output 2 relays (5A) at will, using configuration App or SMS

  • Insert up to 10 telephone numbers from your contacts for the sending of SMS with the alarms.
  • Customise the text of the alarms you will receive by SMS, with up to 4 different entries.
  • Consult the device status in straightforward graphic form.
  • One-click output relay Activation/Deactivation.
  • Change the battery mode On/Off and reset messages.
  • Confirm the reception of the alarm SMS.

GSM alarm

GSM module for alarm management

When one of the 4 alarm inputs is activated, the device sends an SMS to the first programmed telephone number. If after the time adjusted by the user the message receipt confirmation is not received, it will automatically dial the next number.
SMS sending also due to power supply and internal battery failure.