AKONET Webserver AKO-5012

Web server for refrigeration facility monitoring and remote management

Configuration in 3 simple steps

  • Start-up without screen or keyboard from computer's own Wi-Fi network (possibility to connect if deemed necessary).
  • Very simple and easy to use set-up wizard in only 3 steps from WEB environment
  • Only connecting power supply, USB converter and Ethernet RJ-45 network (optional).


  • Ongoing monitoring of facility (24/7) with a exclusively dedicated computer
  • Automatic update to new versions
  • TeamViewer installed for remote connection
  • 2 year factory guarantee

Highly intuitive use

  • No need for advanced IT knowledge
  • Monitoring of facility, receipt of notifications via email and changing of device settings
  • Reports manager and automated tasks planner
  • It allows the connection of devices placed at different locations thanks to the RS485 Modbus/TCP (AKO-80080) converter.

Added value

  • Specifically developed software for maintenance of refrigeration facilities
  • Hardware and software solution already installed and tested in order to minimise post-sales service
  • Own Wi-Fi network allowing access from any device with a Wi-Fi connection
  • Includes anti-piracy protection.