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How I can configure an AKO-5004/5005 to access it online?

AKO5004 and AKO5005 have been designed to be accessible via the Internet....

AKO-5004 and 5005 are designed to be accessible via the Internet, although it is mostly used in Intranet platforms or as a simple desktop application in most cases.
This article features a guide on how to configure the network so that users can access the software remotely without the need of fixed IP.

There are two essential tasks that must be done before the web server can be accessed:

A. - Setting up port forwarding

Routers usually block most network ports by default for security reasons. You must therefore configure the router to redirect all connections from a specific port to the PC with AKO-5004 .
To do so, follow these steps:

  1. First you have to change router settings. Open your web browser and type the router's IP address in the address bar. It is usually or If you are not sure which it is, open a command prompt window (Start/Run/type "cmd" and press Enter) and type "ipconfig". The address of your router is what appears after "default gateway".

  2. A window from the router's security system will pop up. Enter your username and password to login. If you do not know this information, consult your router's user guide.

  3. Once in the router menu, you must find the port forwarding option (some routers call it virtual server, although the name may vary depending on your type of router). If you cannot find this option in your router, consult the http://portforward.com site, where you will find a collection of screenshots from the most common routers on the market.

  4. Then enter the IP address of the AKO-5004/5005 server in the LAN field and port 80 in the respective columns.

  5. Be sure to press 'save' or 'add' (depending on router model) to save the port forwarding settings.

  6. Then, you should confirm whether the port forwarding was successful. You can use the http://www.canyouseeme.org site to see if your port settings are correct.
    Enter port 80 in the"What port?" field and then click the "Check" button. A message with the test result will appear.

Note: Port forwarding is not available in a WAN, i.e., a wireless network.

B.- Hostname registration

The aim is to replace the IP address with a URL which is always the same and easy to remember for operators and end users. The steps for creating a free host name using www.no-ip.com are as follows.

  1. Download the No-IP client and install it on the same PC where AKO-5004 is installed.

  2. Create an account at No-IP.com. Once created, the account activation will be sent by e-mail to the address provided and you may continue the activation process as described in the e-mail.

  3. Once the activation process is complete, access No-IP with the e-mail address and password.

  4. Click on the "Hosts/Redirects" link for specifying the hostname.

  5. Enter the desired hostname in the "host name" field and click on "Create Host".

  6. Run the No-IP client on the PC to link it with the hostname created in the previous step. This client will automatically modify the IP address in the No-IP servers and will re-route Internet users to the AKO-5004 server.

  7. If you want the No-IP client to run automatically in case the PC is offline, add this program to the Windows Start menu.

From this moment onward, instead of using the AKO-5004 server's IP, you may use the name you created in No-IP.