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AKO has been awarded, in a tender, the Electrical Heat-tracing Project for 2 Thermo-solar Power Plants

The leading Spanish company on the market has positioned itself as the best technical option given its Salt System Electrical heat tracing solution.

AKO, the leading Spanish company in Temperature Regulation and Control using Electrical Heat tracing solutions, has been awarded the supply and installation of its AKOTRACE® turnkey solution for 2 Thermo-solar Power Plants, which are planned to be started in March 2012, in southern Spain.

Last June, the company started research to devise, prepare and present the Technical-financial study of this ambitious project, led by the USA promoter and SENER engineering at the head, which have placed all its trust in AKO, as the leader in cable technology inElectrical Heat tracing for Salt Systems.

The investment announced for this two floor thermo-solar power complex, that will occupy a total surface area of 417 hectares, with an installed capacity of 50 MW per floor, will provide at total of 350 GWh a year, capable of covering the electricity supply of 60.000 homes.

AKO provides its AKOTRACE® turnkey solution that includes different aspects: from studying the application in its research and development area, Project Engineering, as well as having a Project and Works Management for the correct installation and supervision of the works, guaranteeing the quality of the equipment, and integrity, workers' safety and respect for the environment.

The company's extensive knowledge, to guarantee the criticality of Electrical Heat-tracing in this type of plants and ensure the circulation of molten salt fluids at high temperatures, to avoid non-desired stoppages in the Plant or a loss of performance in its operations, has been one of the decisive factors for it being awarded.

That is why over 300 companies including both those specialised in engineering and technology and innovation development personnel expert in thermosolar power plants, choose AKO more and more.

Another of the deciding factors in this assignment has been having been awarded in recent years the tender for supplying and assembling Electrical Heat-tracing in numerous Thermosolar Power Plants in Spain, the following of which are worthy of mention Andasol I & II (Granada), Extresol I & II (Badajoz), Manchasol I & II(Ciudad Real),Gemasolar (Seville), Valle I & II (Cadiz), Alvarado I (La Risca), Palma del Río I & II, Lebrija I (Seville) and Samcasol I & II (Badajoz).

The company is currently carrying out other projects in thermo-solar power plants equally as large such as Andasol III (Granada), Extresol III (Badajoz), Astexol II (Badajoz), Aste 1A and 1B (Ciudad Real) in which its flexibility and capacity for carrying out different works simultaneously is worthy of mention.