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AKO attended the 1st Solar Thermal Conference and Exhibition held in South Africa where Spanish leadership in the CSP renewable energies sector was evident

AKO has shown itself once again to be an active exponent in the solar thermal industry market adding Africa as an arena for action

AKO, the leading company in Temperature Regulation and Control using Electrical Heat-Tracing Solutions, attended the 1st Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Conference and Exhibition, organised by CSP Today on7 and 8 February in the Hilton Sandton Hotel in Johannesburg (South Africa), attended by the most representative and specialised companies in the thermal power and energy sector in general in the world.

The Thermal Solar Concentration Conferences held on these two days in South Africa, analysed the business opportunity opened in one of the main emerging markets in the renewable energy sector, Africa.

This sector benchmark event was mainly centred on studying and debating the situation of the South African economy, the Government's demand for clean energy, and business opportunities and the challenges facing the thermo-solar industry promotion and development project in this continent represents.

With the activation of the thermal power industry in the North West of South Africa, the recommended location, toxic emissions could be reduced by 35% up to 2030, as well as creating employment and local industry, from private investment, inexistent in this continent up to now.

In this sense, during the two days of the conference programme, AKO took an active part in the group of Spanish companies visiting Johannesburg to take part in this leading Concentrated Solar Thermal Power event, in which it is a world leader, committed to this future technology in Parabolic Trough and Concentration Tower Thermo-Solar Power Plant Project, the former as the most suitable and the cheapest application considered to be able to transform current coal thermal power plants installed all over Africa to adapt them with solar fields, achieving in this way agreener, cleaner and more energetically optimum energy.

Its global Electrical Heat-tracing turnkey solution is the most reliable and safe solution on the market, which includes different aspects: from studying the application in its research and development area, Project Engineering, to Project and Works Management, for the correct installation and supervision of the facility, guaranteeing correct operation in Thermosolar Power Plants.

That is why over 300 companies including both those specialised in engineering and technology and innovation development personnel expert in thermosolar power plants, choose AKO more and more.

In recent years the company has been awarded the supply and assembly contract for the Electrical Heat-tracing of many Thermosolar Power Plants in Spain, including Andasol I, II and III (Granada), Extresol I and II (Badajoz), Manchasol I and II (Ciudad Real), Gemasolar (Seville), Valle I and II (Cadiz), Alvarado I (La Risca), Palma del Río I and II, Lebrija I (Seville) and Samcasol I and II (Badajoz).

The company is currently carrying out more projects in solar thermal power plants equally as large, among others, Andasol III (Granada), Extresol III (Badajoz), Astexol II (Badajoz), Aste 1A and 1B (Ciudad Real) in which its flexibility and capacity for carrying out different works simultaneously is worthy of mention.