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Refrigerant Gas Leaks

AKO’s family of gas leak detectors, specifically designed to yield savings…

Retail food distribution

Control possible refrigerant gas leaks and achieve optimization of the energy efficiency of refrigeration installations.

Supermarket group

Asset integration project for all its establishments. At AKO we proposed an efficient system for recording and monitoring.

Cold room with hot gas defrost

Reduce electricity consumption, improve product conservation, reduce maintenance costs.

International hypermarket

Have a constant gas leak monitoring system that provides reliable, fast and useful information that helps reduce said leaks.

Room store with hot gas defrost

AKOCORE ADVANCE, by means of its Self-Drive (c) algorithm, and its robust mechanism, capable of controlling loads of up to 2CV.

Supermarket, Food Retail

27.000 man-hours are spent manually recording the temperatures of furniture and cameras in the store.

Supermarket chain

Group of establishments in the Food Retail sector located in different cities in Israel. The main objective: to reduce energy consumption.

Oncology laboratory

Monitor, generate reports for audits and manage alarms for biological samples and drugs refrigerated in cold rooms and freezers up to -180 ºC).

AKODATA, 4.0 product care support tool (eCARE)

This project involved studying the effect of the cold chain on the shelf life and quality of fresh products of the Aliments Onyar food group.

How to control the cold chain, SEUR

Monitoring and recording of temperature and humidity of perishable products. The cold chain from farm to table. One of our success stories between SEUR Frío and AKO.

Multinational transport (Refrigerated Div)

Monitor the entire logistics and refrigerated transport chain, with geo-location of the refrigerated merchandise, in case of an alarm due to a break in the cold chain.