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Our solutions for temperature and humidity control

A rigorous cold room temperature control is one of the most important aspects of commercial, industrial and logistics refrigeration.

Controlling preservation conditions in a precise way, in addition to ensuring that refrigerated units and cold rooms work correctly is essential in order to preserve the stored product, from foods to medicines and high value health products. It is also essential to prolong the use life of the system and reduce maintenance costs.

Any error in temperature or humidity could affect the product in question, reducing its use life or causing shrinkages and/or losses of product that could lead to big losses for the company.

Here at AKO, we suggest the most efficient technological solutions for cold room temperature controllers.


Why should you choose our cold room temperature controller solutions?

It is important to have a wide range of solutions to regulate and control parameters such as temperature and humidity. These must cover all of the requirements of a system, from thermostats to the needs of a compressor plant, whether managed locally or remotely.

With this solution, you will be able to control compressor plants of up to 5 stages, in addition to energy saving features which greatly reduce the operating costs. Its main characteristics are as follows:


  • 2 x 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analogue outputs to control drives
  • Compatibility with gases: R-134a, R-404a, R-717a, R-22, R-410a, R-507a, R-744, R-407a, R-407f, R-1234, R-448a, R-449a, R-450a.
  • Real time clock to record events.
  • Operates by means of proportional band or neutral zone.


  • It features a setup assistant for a fast configuration.
  • Possibility of controlling compressors and condensers with one single device.
  • It will enable you to simultaneously manage drives for the first compressor and for the condenser fans.
  • Floating condensation via NTC exterior temperature probe.
  • Balanced load monitoring, enabling each element of the system to be regulated in accordance with its time in operation.

We are leaders in the global management of cold rooms:

  • Advanced temperature controllers for an effective management using our patented SELF-DRIVE © algorithm.
  • Electrical panels to control autonomous or distributed services, single phase or three phase services.
  • Electrical panels with powers of up to 20 HP, single phase and triple phase.
  • Temperature and humidity controllers.
  • Electronic controllers with integrated capacity to regulate electronic expansion valves.

What benefits can we offer you?

  • Comfort and ease of installation which has been designed specially to reduce installation times.
  • Very simple and fast configuration, even in the case of the most advanced controllers
  • There is no need to incorporate contactors thanks to the powerful relays that our controllers include, facilitating the installation of the equipment to the maximum and reducing the solution’s costs
  • You will be able to monitor and control any of our equipment remotely thanks to their integrated communication which enables them to be connected to AKONET.Cloud. This is our cloud monitoring system that will allow you to access your system at any time and from any location to analyse the data recorded, change its configuration and take action on the machine in the same was you could if you were physically stood in front of it.
  • Advanced features that prevent the formation of ice in evaporators
  • You will have information so you can find out the origin of potential problems, whether due to the system or the improper use of it.
  • Option of additional features such as recording temperature and humidity, events and changes to the configuration.
  • Option of receiving remote alarms 24/7.

These are the main characteristics:

  • You will have a set up assistant that will be of great help in setting up the controller.
  • Integrated Modbus communication.
  • It is important to highlight that our solutions have robust protection and construction systems, with an IP65 cover.
  • Large and bright screen, with a highly intuitive wide viewing angle, enabling a fast identification of the status of the equipment, with colour coding to distinguish the usual working of the equipment from problems, alarms or errors.
  • Programmable sound alarm (to notify of an open door, for example).
  • Power relays of up to 20A to directly manage both compressors and defrosting elements without the need for contactors.

Thermometers, thermostats and controllers with up to 4 relays and a wide range of formats:

  • Panel
  • Small panel
  • Extended panel
  • Wall
  • DIN rail


  • Flexibility in installation systems, with different types of connectors and a wide range of power supply options (12 V, 24 V, 120 V, 230 V and universal).
  • Digital inputs for remote activations, management and control.
  • Versions with integrated MODBUS Communication.
  • Customisable front panel and screen to adapt to the design of the unit.


  • Set up assistant to make set up easier.
  • Optimisation of energy consumption via ECO feature
  • IP65 on front of the entire range.
  • Highly intuitive design, facilitating the diagnostics of the status of the controller with shortcut keys to functions.
  • Temperature and humidity control, together with the management of drying processes, incorporating the monitoring of temperature to the monitoring of humidification, dehumidification and the use of resistors to provide heat.
  • Monitoring especially targeted at sectors such as fruit, vegetable, meat, dairy, floriculture, cold meats, cheese, gastronomy, pasta, abattoirs and the drying of wood, leather, paper and marble, etc.

Solutions that adapt to any commercial and industrial refrigeration installation control need.

How do we control humidity and temperature?

We have a comprehensive range of cold room temperature controllers which incorporate extensive features, formats and functions to fit perfectly in refrigeration units, or in electrical power panels.

Strengths and advantages of our cold room temperature controller solutions:


  • 7 relays for the full control of temperature and humidity in cold rooms
  • Analogue output to control humidifier
  • Working as a humidifier, dehumidifier or humidifier and dehumidifier


  • Set of programmed parameters for the most common applications
  • Flexibility in installation systems, with different types of connectors and a wide range of power supply options (12 V, 24 V, 120 V, 230 V and universal).


  • Equipment with Modbus communication.
  • Digital inputs for remote activations, management and control.


  • Set up assistant in just two steps
  • Ease of assembly thanks to formats tailored to users
  • Integrated communication, enabling conditions to be monitored remotely
  • IP65 protection of equipment, guaranteeing complete safety and operation


  • IP65 on the front of the entire range.
  • Highly intuitive design, facilitating the diagnostics of the status of the controller with shortcut keys to functions.


  • Fast and simple setup via “plug and play” system with initial setup wizard.
  • Optimisation of consumption via an ECO feature.


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