AKO Group was founded over 4 decades ago, when five entrepreneurs decided to found a company focused on the needs of the temperature control and regulation sector.


Our journey begins

Our first emergency lighting equipment with an optical and acoustic alarm for individuals trapped in cold room stores was launched in 1978.


Passion for the customer

Since then, passion for our customers has been our cornerstone, and has always driven the company’s business growth.

We strongly believe in establishing lasting relationships based on trust, both with our clients and with our collaborators and partners around the world, which is why we began our first exports to different countries.


Generating business

The exponential growth in demand for our equipment through our distribution network led to the transfer of our factory to new premises with the creation of the machine shop.


Focussed on temperature control and regulation

Stepping up continuous innovation, the product portfolio for temperature regulation and control was expanded with our first thermostats being manufactured.


We ensure customer satisfaction

Accredited by ISO9001 Certification in compliance with the ISO quality standard, which guarantees the quality of our activities, products and services, reducing errors, striving for increased customer satisfaction.



Our vision, international presence

With a staff of over 70 professionals, the company is committed to the growth of its commercial network with an increase in its sales delegates, increasing the volume of operations worldwide from our central offices in Barcelona.


Always focused on caring for people and the environment

The launch of the new range of equipment for cold room stores, distinguished with the “Delta 07 Selection” title awarded at the 32th Industrial Design event organized by the Association of Industrial Design for the Promotion of Decorative Arts (ADI-FAD), which recognizes products that stand out due to their innovative nature, imply social improvement and prove to be environmentally sound while maintaining the highest manufacturing quality.



Our group develops globally

The company conduct business in over 65 countries, with a clear international focus. Our market and our business operations have no borders. We expanded our international commercial network by opening our subsidiary in Mexico.

At the same time, we expanded our infrastructures, reaching 8,000 m2 of new facilities.



We ensure compliance with current regulations

Launch of metrological solutions to guarantee the control and monitoring of the cold chain.


Trust, our guarantee

We develop solid business relationships by establishing partnership agreements worldwide and opening a subsidiary in the United States.


Anticipate the needs of the market

We carry out research to design solutions that offer added value to our clients and that become a truly differentiating factor in the market. We allocate 12% of our income to R&D&i and we built the first refrigeration show room at our headquarters to promote applied research surrounding our solutions.



Our cornerstone: innovation

We operate using an open innovation model, alongside universities and other entities, to design innovative solutions that meet the future needs of the refrigeration sector. We initiate collaboration agreements with colleges in the creation of training programs for young talents, and thus support the new generation of professionals in the engineering and management sector.



Launch of the new generation of efficient control and security solutions for cold rooms: our AKO3CAM project.



Innovating for sustainability

AKO Group celebrates its 40th anniversary, having received multiple awards for its commitment to technology and innovation. In addition to launching connected solutions for the regulation, control and monitoring of the cold chain through IoT technology, with the aim of improving food safety, energy efficiency and reducing refrigerant gas leaks while preserving our environment.


We face the pandemic

Developing equipment such as AKODATA CLIMA or AKODATA XTREM.