General sales conditions

01_ The prices in euros indicated do not include taxes, apply to materials placed in our workshops (EXW) including normal packaging but not the  carriage charges for the merchandise sent on account and risk of the buyer.


02_ For products that are included in studies or budgets that include custom design, prices are set independently for each one.


03_ The prices and conditions are for materials delivered in pack units. The ones marked with: (A) Packaging lengths in metres are standard, however we reserve the right to deliver in lengths other than those indicated. (B) Minimum and indivisible packaging units.


04_ The minimum order value of 200,00 Euros (net invoice value) must be taken into consideration for each sale. For exports, a fixed cost (49,00 Euros to be updated) may be charged on each order.


05_ Our warehouses do not accept returns of goods without the E.M. number pertaining to the prior authorisation of entry. In any case a devaluation will occur for revision and checking


06_ No returns will be accepted after 48 hours from the +confirmation of order acceptance.


07_ We offer our customers the payment methods stipulated in accordance with the law 15/2010. Our sales collections are insured by companies such as “Cesce” or
another similar one. The payment of the first order will be made in cash until the credit sale is authorised.


08_ The payment method for credits sales will be agreed on in each case after authorised by the Insurance Company. The sales conditions will depend on the payment term.


09_ The information in this catalogue is for information purposes only. We reserve the right to supply materials that may differ slightly from those in this publication

Warranty conditions

01_ AKO Electromecànica, S.A.L. guarantees its products for a period of 3 years from the date of sale.


02_ This warranty covers the return or replacement of defective parts, materials or equipment attributable to manufacturing defects. The user bears the cost of sending the defective items to AKO’s facilities.


03_AKO will not accept any returns that have not been previously authorised.


04_ Replacement of defective parts, materials or equipment does not imply an extension of the warranty.


05_ Claims for an error in quantity and/or model will not be valid after 10 days from the delivery date.


06_ Breakdown or deterioration due to the use of the products for purposes other than that intended, or due to their improper installation and use, are excluded from this warranty.


07_ Parts, materials or equipment that have been handled by persons unauthorised by AKO are excluded from this warranty


08_ Product failures due to catastrophic causes (fire, floods…), atmospheric, blows and falls are excluded from this warranty.


09_ AKO is not liable for direct or indirect damage caused by breakdown or defect of its materials or products, and any other claim that may arise from them, unless the law so requires.


10_ To validate the guarantee, the materials or products must be accompanied by the purchase invoice.