The recognition earned by us throughout more than 40 years of business growth guarantees the quality of work of the entire AKO Group team.

We have been recognized in areas such as Innovation, Design and Research and Human Resources.

Our processes and solutions, fundamentally based on efficiency and sustainability, are a sign of the continuous effort to be leaders in our market.

Over 80% of our clients consider us a true partner that they would certainly recommend.


One of our objectives is the continuous improvement of our processes and automation. For the last 4 years we have operated an automatic warehouse and a production process based on Lean Manufacturing work principles, focused on obtaining maximum productivity, flexibility and ergonomics for operators. All this is aimed at manufacturing our products more efficiently, minimising quality incidents and optimising the production space.


With the ISO14001 environmental standard, integrated in the company since March 2006 throughout the design and manufacturing process of our equipment, our engineering department proposes several strategies and measures in the different phases of the product life cycle. Extending its useful life, improving its functionality during the time of use, recycling its materials so that it ends up generating the least possible waste, are essential for us.


We have a multidisciplinary professional staff, 40% of which are technicians and engineers, 15% of them holding Doctorates in Engineering. For over 40 years, we have walked a path of constant evolution, believing in a model of innovation, development and acquisition of applied knowledge, which is why have signed training agreements with various higher education training institutions. We continue to act as a driving force for local growth and career development, discovering young talents and promoting their professional careers internationally, a task requiring a serious social commitment to people.


With several awards granted for our commitment to promoting research that allows the development of new sustainable and efficient refrigeration solutions providing considerable energy savings and protect the environment, we have signed agreements and strengthened alliances with the research and technology departments of universities, laboratories and other entities in our area. Our company is founded on innovation and the joint performance of assessment and research activities as well as knowledge exchange and transfer between the worlds of industry and science, which benefit the refrigeration industry, both nationally and internationally. It is the strategic axis for the growth and differentiation of our business.


The investment of 12% of our turnover to R&D&i is a firm commitment to promote our area of research, development capacity and generation of knowledge, to offer the market technological solutions with high added value and reliability both present and future. We have our XP Laboratory, a product exhibition, demonstration and training area, to carry out research projects for new solutions and applications of refrigeration technologies and their installation.


We have a portfolio of over 300 clients globally, with whom we establish relationships beyond the commercial sphere, supporting them and sometimes carrying out joint engineering projects. Thanks to our proximity to clients, our flexibility and capacity for development, we have positioned ourselves, for over 40 years, as one of the leading companies in the industrial and commercial refrigeration sector.


We are a company with a clear international focus. Continuously expanding, we maintain business relationships with over 70 countries. Our market and our commercial operations are borderless and we manage our operations worldwide from our headquarters in Barcelona, our subsidiary in Mexico, commercial delegations in France, Portugal and Turkey and distributors with whom we have established partnership and collaboration relationships all over the world.

Our solutions comply with European Union regulations (CE mark), in addition to being certified by internationally authorized laboratories and/or entities.


We develop and manufacture systems applying the most advanced technology that allows us to meet the needs of efficiency, food safety, connectivity and sustainability, complying with the strictest regulatory requirements in force in each country, and always taking into account people and our environment.

Our company’s intellectual property is protected by over 3 patents (pending and granted) for our innovative solutions in energy efficiency and premature detection of refrigerant gas leaks.