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At AKO, we share our experience and know-how through technical articles, analysing key issues such as new applications for cooling technology and how to install them, national and international regulations, regulatory changes, etc.

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28 Jun: Press Release Leak Reduction

Since the middle of last year when we started hearing about the F-Gas review, the price of HFCs has been going up and up.

01 Dic: The AKO CO2 gas detection system

During the last years, the AKO CO2 gas detection system has become very popular and widespread installed by commercial refrigeration contractors and integrators all over Europe.

26 Aug: The new F-GAS and how AKOGAS can help

In this 2022, due to the entry of new bans related to the schedule of the current F-Gas, we did already talk about the well-known European directive 517/2014 (F-Gas). We reviewed what the F-Gas is, how it is deployed, how is it legally enforced and its corresponding schedule.

01 Jan: AKOGAS, a tool to survive the F-GAS without dying in…

In this just released year 2022, practically no one in the refrigeration sector in Europe is unaware of the words “F-Gas”. Indeed, F-Gas is progressively changing the way refrigeration systems are designed, executed, installed and maintained.

20 Dec: AKOCORE ADVANCE, The future of temperature control

It is the first comprehensive, adaptive and specific controller for cold rooms that marks a before and after in the concept of regulation of cold rooms. AKOCORE ADVANCE optimizes the operation of the cold room by actively working on four critical axes…

02 Mar: The treble of efficiency at AKO

Refrigeration is a set of methods and technologies that extract heat from cold spaces and transfer it to warmer environments, cooling these spaces to temperatures lower or much lower than room temperature.
Figure 1: MWh price evolution during the last 12 years in Spain.