Commercial refrigeration refers to the final part of the cold chain. It is based on the design, installation and maintenance of specific systems for commercial spaces where perishable products are sold, stored, displayed and / or handled for the general public.

At AKO we offer solutions for efficient and safe refrigeration that ensure the preservation of the properties of food and products, ensuring excellent management of the cold chain without interruptions.



Industrial refrigeration focuses on the whole production process. At AKO we strive to offer innovative industrial refrigeration solutions that adapt to all processes related to the cold chain. AKO‘s R+D+i department researches constantly evolving solutions to meet the needs of all phases of industrial refrigeration: food production, selection, processing, transportation and sale.



Refrigerated transport involves the installation of refrigeration systems in vehicles where merchandise travels from one place to another. At AKO we offer reliable refrigerated transport solutions that guarantee correct management of the cold chain. By monitoring the processes involved in this kind of transport, we guarantee the safety of perishable products.

Our refrigeration solutions for transport are adapted to mono- and bi-temperature refrigerated trucks, containers, vans and trailers.