Our technical and sales team works daily to offer the best service to our clients and users, providing the assistance and support each situation requires, as each business is unique.

An exclusive number for direct contact with our Sales Department is available:       +34 938 115 800. It offers the following options: 1.Sales enquiries and 2. Technical call.

This number coexists with the usual company number +34 938 142 700, in which you can also choose the different options 1.Commerciall calling at                                  +34 938 115 800, 2.Procurement Dept, 3.Financial Dept, 4.Marketing or if you know the extension number you can dial 5.

We open every working day. From Monday to Thursday, from 08:15 to 13:30 and from 15:00 to 18:30, and Friday from 08:15 to 14:45.

AKO‘s entire Customer Service team is ready to respond to our clients’ needs and demands at all times. It aims to give more agile and better responses regarding phone customer service.

+ 34 938 115 800


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