The cold chain is the process of supplying perishable products at a controlled temperature, mainly in the food and pharmaceutical sector, from their collection or production to their consumption, guaranteeing certain conditions of conservation to maintain the properties and quality of the products.



Perishable products require strict management of the cold chain to ensure, in the case of food, that the product is fit for consumption and that it preserves its quality and freshness, and in the case of medical products, that retains its properties and guarantees the efficiency in its consumption.

It guarantees the best quality and the properties of the preserved product, fully ensuring not only the safety in its consumption, but also its effectiveness, mainly in the case of medicines.

A refrigeration installation has a very high electricity consumption, which managed efficiently can lead to a reduction in consumption of up to 33%.

Advanced temperature control and monitoring, paired with premature gas leak detection, not only drastically reduces energy consumption, but also improves installation performance and therefore product conservation.

Offering a product that has been preserved in optimal conditions is equivalent to a fresh, quality product with a considerably long life, which allows you to:

  • Strengthen your client portfolio by offering a product of the highest quality.
  • Reduce losses due to wastage thanks to a longer lifetime of the preserved product.


State-of-the-art solutions to optimize the performance of commercial and industrial refrigeration installations, which enable a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and operational costs while maintaining a high level of efficiency in said installations.

The combination of products with advanced functionality, connected to each other in the same monitoring system and high-level KPI’s that provide relevant information.

  • Provide rapid deployment temperature control and gas leakage solutions both in new construction and installed base, without the need to interrupt your operations.
  • Improve the operating account by reducing energy consumption, costs and increasing the profitability and performance of the installation.
  • If the solutions are connected, they monitor your operations through high-level KPIs.



Advanced temperature controller
AKOCORE ADVANCE regulates via the SELF-DRIVEⓇ algorithm and using just 2 probes.

It helps reduce up to 35% of power consumption.

Detects the state of the coolant inside the evaporator.

It detects the formation of ice inside the evaporator.

Determines the Heat Transfer Ratio between the cold room and the evaporator.

It monitors door opening, reducing heat transfer between the cold room store and the outside environment and improving temperature stability.

It optimises drain resistance duty time, significantly reducing power consumption.

Fan regulation in order to utilise the thermal inertia of the evaporator, thus achieving:

  • Fewer compressor activations
  • Less energy consumption
  • Less mechanical stress due to fewer compressor activations

Minimisation of the number and duration of defrost processes:

  • Reduced thermal stress
  • Increased time on set point
  • Less energy consumption
  • Reduced gas leak risk


Connected with AKONET.Cloud, you will have the information about your installation at all times and the possibility to access your equipment from anywhere and any device.

You will be able to access all data, modify parameters remotely, receive alarms in the event of any problem, sent via email or smartphone notifications, use automated reporting and view the status of your installation in LIVE mode.


1. Energy efficiency – Operating time of components with higher energy consumption.

2. Product Care – Time within set point range of suitable temperature.

3. Maintenance – Thermal and mechanical stress caused by defrost and compressor activations.

4. Percentage of time with compressor activated.

5. Percentage of time in defrost process.



Autonomous temperature and moisture monitor with NB-IoT connectivity Sensor, monitor and wireless temperature and moisture recorder, solution for monitoring the conservation of the cold chain, avoiding health safety risks, as well as wastage and loss of stored products, and control the proper functioning of refrigeration or air-conditioning installations.


NB-IoT connectivity integrated with AKONET.Cloud.

Access to devices and configuration through AKONET.Cloud or AKONET.App via smartphone, PC or tablet.

Instantaneous alarms via email and push notifications in the AKONET.App.


The connection with AKONET.Cloud allows monitoring of temperature and moisture conditions in the environment, thus knowing at all times the status of the installation and the preserved product.

Keeping your installation connected allows you to anticipate problems and improve the quality and life of your stored product, setting up reports and receiving alarm alerts upon any type of unforeseen event.


1. Measured temperature value.

2. Measured moisture value.

3. TTI: Time – Temperature Index: Indicator of the percentage of time within suitable temperature range.

4. THI: Time – Humidity Index: Indicator of the percentage of time within adequate moisture range.



The combination of products with advanced functionality, connected to each other in the same monitoring system and high-level KPI’s that provide relevant information.


Advanced temperature controller.



Autonomous temperature and moisture monitor.