Cold chain management solutions

Solutions for cold chain management

On our website you will find different technological solutions for exhaustive cold chain management.  

The cold chain is the controlled temperature supply chain for perishable products, mainly in the food and pharmaceutical sector, spanning its harvesting or production until its consumption, guaranteeing specific preservation conditions to maintain the properties and quality of the products.


Why are cold chain management solutions so important?

The answer is simple. Cold chain management solutions are essential when working with perishable products.
Perishable products require stringent cold chain management solutions to ensure, in the case of foods, that the product is suitable for consumption and preserves its quality and freshness. In the case of medical products, it guarantees that they maintain their properties intact and guarantees the efficacy of their consumption.

Cold chain management solutions Cold chain management solutions guarantee the best quality and properties of the preserved product, fully guaranteeing the safety of its consumption, as well as its effectiveness, mainly in the case of medicines.

A refrigeration system has an extremely high level of energy consumption. It is important to manage it efficiently, given that this can lead to a reduction in consumption of up to 33%, if you choose our efficiency solutions.

An advanced temperature control and monitoring system, together with an early gas leak detection system, doesn’t just enable energy consumption to be drastically reduced, it also improves the performance of the system and preservation of the product.

Offering a product preserved in optimum conditions equates to a fresh, quality product with a considerably longer use life, which will enable you to:

  • Strengthen your portfolio of customers thanks to offering a maximum quality product.
  • Reduce losses due to shrinkage thanks to an increased duration of the preserved product.

How do our technological cold chain management solutions work?

The combination of products with advanced functionality, connected to each other in one monitoring system and high level KPIs which provide relevant information.

  • Provide rapid deployment temperature control and gas leak solutions both in new construction and in installed bases, without the need to disrupt your operations.
  • Improve the income account, reducing energy consumption, costs and increasing the profitability and performance of the system.
  • If the solutions are connected, they monitor your operations via high level KPIs.



We present our AKOCORE ADVANCE advanced temperature controller; designed to perform the control using its SELF-DRIVEⓇ algorithm and with just 2 probes.


By installing it, you will be able to reduce energy consumption by up to 35%.

It has a specific function to detect the status of the refrigerant within the evaporator.

It detects the formation of ice in the evaporator and pre-emptively warns you.

It determines the Heat Transfer Ratio between the cold room and the evaporator.

It monitors the door opening, reducing the transfer of heat between the cold room and the area outside it and increases temperature stability.

It optimises the time and periods of work of the drain resistors, significantly reducing energy consumption. 

You can control and regulate the fan to take advantage of the evaporator’s thermal inertia, achieving:

  • Fewer activations of the compressor.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Reduction in mechanical stress due to fewer activations of the compressor.

It minimises the frequency and duration of defrosting:

  • Reduction in thermal stress.
  • Increase in the time in set-point.
  • Offers a reduced energy consumption.
  • Reduction of the risk of a gas leak.


Through AKONET.Cloud, you will be able to access all of the information regarding your cold room remotely, from any mobile device and from any location.

You will have a record of all of the data, the option of modifying parameters remotely, alarm notifications in the event of any problems sent by email, drafting of automated reports and viewing the status of your system in LIVE mode.


  1. Energy efficiency – Operating time of the components with the highest energy consumption.
  2. Product care – Time in appropriate temperature Set Point range.
  3. Maintenance – Thermal and mechanical stress caused by defrost and compressor activations.
  4. Percentage of time with the compressor activated.
  5. Percentage of time in defrosting process.


Here, we are looking at a stand-alone temperature and relative humidity monitor with NB-IoT connectivity.

It has been designed to offer different functions including sensor, monitor and wireless temperature and humidity recorder. In essence, it is a solution for the monitoring of preservation and cold chain management, preventing health and safety risks, in addition to shrinkage and loss of products. It is ideal for controlling the proper working of refrigeration or air conditioning systems.


NB-IoT connectivity integrated with AKONET.Cloud.

Access to devices and configuration through AKONET.Cloud or AKONET.App using smartphone, PC or tablet.

Instant alarms via email and push notifications on the AKONET.App.

AKODATA monitoring

Our solution enables you to monitor ambient temperature and humidity conditions, thereby knowing the status of the system and preserved product at all times.

This will help you to pre-empt problems, improving the quality and life of the products, in addition to drafting reports and alerting you in the event of any problem, setback or fault.


  1. Value of the temperature measured.
  2. Value of the humidity measured.
  3. TTI : Time – Temperature Index: indicator of the percentage of time at the appropriate temperature.
  4. THI : Time – Humidity Index: indicator of the percentage of time at the appropriate humidity.


The combination of products with advanced functionality, linked together in a single monitoring system, and high-level KPIs that provide relevant information.
Advanced temperature controller.


Stand-alone temperature and humidity monitor.