Safety in refrigeration installations refers to people who may face any type of risk in the facility, but it also focuses on ensuring the integrity of the assets of said facility, the stored product and the protection of the environment.

Due to the importance of industrial safety in the protection of individuals and, consequently, in the prevention of occupational and consumer hazards, the requirements of the current regulations in each country must be met.



Our connected solutions allow the user to be alerted automatically.

These are devices with connectivity, indicators and alarm notifications, via email or through relay activations and integration with CRA systems, for quick action in the event of any scenario.

And in accordance with strict compliance with the following safety and environmental regulations and standards: EN 378:2016 | CE37/2005 | EN-12830:2019 | F-Gas.

All our products have been designed to comply in the strictest sense with the regulations and legislation in force in each country.

State-of-the-art solutions to ensure the integrity of your installation, the people who are in it and the products stored there, in accordance with current regulations in the country.


There are several safety solutions that adapt to the characteristics and needs of each industrial refrigeration installation.


Trapped person in cold room store alarm

Alarm systems for the safety of people inside cold room stores, ensuring at all times the physical safety of all individuals within the facility, in accordance with current regulations.

Unique dual battery alarm system (with and without battery), which provides a regulatory solution to negative cold room store, providing cost savings in equipment, material and labour during installation and start-up.

In cold room store with temperatures between 0º and + 5ºC a trapped person alarm must be installed without the need to include a battery. In cold room stores that operate at temperatures below 0ºC, a double alarm system for trapped persons must be installed, one with a battery that allows an autonomy of up to 10 hours with the alarm active and the other without a battery.

They are devices that work in an alarm state at a temperature as low as -50 ºC for correct operation in any installation.


Powerful acoustic and visual alarm with sound power of 90dB at 1m.

A device that works at a temperature as low as -50ºC for correct operation in any type of installation.

User interface that makes use and diagnosis easy, minimizing after-sales calls.

ModBus and built-in output relay to alert of any incident, via email through AKONET.Cloud.

10-hour autonomous operation with the device in alarm status, in case of power outage, in accordance with EN-378/ -1.

Broken Cable Detection and display indication to ensure perfect installation conditions and to guarantee maximum safety.

Multi-chamber models, with the possibility of covering up to 4 cold room store with a single alarm station, and individual indicators per chamber for greater reaction capacity.

IP65 standard for push-button and alarm station.

Robust emergency button with a powerful light indication as required by current regulations.


Semiconductor gas detectors


The family of semiconductor gas detectors allows great flexibility in their installation, since they can be installed for autonomous operation or connected directly to our AKONET.Edge hub for monitoring via the AKONET.Cloud remote management and monitoring system or through the AKOGAS station.

The version for HFC gases detects over 20 types of gas with just one reference.

They comply with current regulations and legislation (ICT155-2020):

  • Obligatory installation in cold room stores larger than 10m3 that exceed the practical limit.
  • Obligatory installation in compressor rooms, workrooms, preparation rooms and occupied spaces that exceed the practical limit. In these spaces, a detector must be installed every 50m2.

2 Alarm Levels in all models (required by the EN-378 standard for CO2 and NH3).

Built-in MODBUS for sending alarms and remote monitoring.

Adjustable alarm levels (except for NH3).

Audible and visual alarms incorporated into the detector.

Versions for any HFC, HFO, CO2, NH3.

2 alarm relays associated with pre-alarm and alarm.

IP68 rated to eliminate any interference caused by moisture, the greatest enemy of gas detection.

Sethold and Maintenance mode to avoid false alarms during gas refills, maintenance and cleaning tasks.

Rapid condensation detection system to avoid false alarms in sudden temperature changes.


Range of combined leak detection and trapped person alarm systems


The AKOSECURE system is unique on the market, with double functionality adapted to each installation, combining gas detection and a trapped person alarm with strict compliance with current regulations and legislation.

With a unique interface and advanced functionality, it reduces operational costs in installation and after-sales service.

It guarantees top quality and strict compliance with the applicable regulations, including EN-378, F-Gas (CE517 / 2014), and ASHRAE-15.


Alarm panels compatible with any combination of trapped man push-buttons, gas leak detectors and monitors.

Available models with 2 and 4 channels, with and without battery, with up to 6 independent output relays to differentiate in which zone the alarm occurs and if it is due to a gas leak or a trapped person.

Visual and audible warnings for trapped persons, pre-alarm and gas leak alarm, detector / monitor failure and broken cables.

Intuitive user interface with indication of the type of alarm and zone where it is happening.

Powerful acoustic alarm with sound power of 90dB at 1m.

IP65 rated.


Temperature and moisture monitoring solution

Monitor all your facilities from anywhere at any time using your smartphone, computer or tablet.

You will able to plan maintenance operations in advance thanks to the information provided by the AKONET.Cloud platform.

It offers extremely simple installation, thanks to the solution’s direct Internet connection, autonomous power supply with internal batteries and IP68 protection rating.

AKODATA: Temperature and moisture loggers that must be installed in refrigerated cold room stores, used for products that are not hermetically packed, larger than 10 m3.


HACCP indicators for food safety.

Automation of temperature records and quality reports.

Data mining to reduce product waste and losses 24 hours / 365 days.

Energy savings by optimising set points thanks to the information provided.

Reduction of waste and losses thanks to the indicators and alerts of drying and shelf life of stored products.

Class 0.5, inviolable data log (versions subject to metrological control).

Autonomy of 3 to 8 years depending on its use and environmental conditions.

IP65 (in equipment with antenna and / or external probe) and IP68 rated.

Working temperatures from -40 ºC to -200 ºC depending on the model.

100% cable-free installation with completely autonomous operation.



Complies with international regulations regarding safety for individuals.



Early Detection and Monitoring of gas leaks, focused on reducing refrigerant gas leaks.


Health and safety and regulatory compliance. Semiconductor gas leak detectors.



Range of combined leak detection and trapped person alarm systems.



Temperature and moisture monitoring solution.