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At AKO, we share our recommendations and best practices through videos filmed by our Product Managers.

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31 Mar: AKO-16523P controller with 16A circuit breaker protection

07 Feb: Installation temperature controllers in a hypermarket

10 May: Added value advanced temperature controller

03 May: Benefits electronic expansion controller for cold rooms

31 Mar: Configuration AKOCORE cold room controllers

18 Mar: Advanced controllers AKOCORE for cold rooms

18 Jul: How to reset the default settings of AKOCONTROL controllers

22 Jun: ECO Function, temperature controllers

04 Apr: Application of AKODATA logging and monitoring

18 Jul: Gas detection kit for HFCs_CO2 and NH3

22 Jun: A2L gas detection system installation and connection to AKONET.Cloud

26 Feb: Our refrigerant gas detector systems CO2 to comply with international regulations. EN 378-3

05 May: Application case AKO-5051 for device communication in AKONET.Cloud
22 Feb: Monitoring solution
22 Jun: Communications Gateway for monitoring AKONET.EDGE
22 Jun: Functionalities of AKONET.EDGE Gateway
AKO and it’s differential value


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