07 Apr: AKO Group is one of the many international companies attending the Mostra Digital 2021 event that will be held from April, 8th to 16th

Videos, webinars, digital trade fair stand, all in innovative and informative offers and ideas to provide you with valuable developments and solutions at this digital exhibition.

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09 Mar: World Energy Efficiency Day

Engineering, like so many other sectors, can and must collaborate in our society’s sustainable development. To this end, technological advances such as the cold chain and the automation of agricultural processes have helped produce more and more food with fewer energy and material resources since their introduction.

09 Mar: World Day of Engineering for Sustainable Development

At this point, only a very few may be surprised by the need to promote a change in the development and consumption model we are immersed in as a species due to the enormous impact that our activity is generating on the world.

02 Feb: What is the relationship between carbon dioxide and COVID-19 transmission?

With the AKOGAS NDIR CO2 gas sensor, we help to ensure a safe and reliable environment, reducing the ability of the coronavirus to spread.


Casa d’Empara has implemented an IoT environmental monitoring solution from AKO as a security measure.

22 Dec: We regret to report the loss of our colleague and friend Xavier Palomino

After several months fighting his illness, we regret to announce our colleague and friend Xavier Palomino´s loss.
Xavier joined AKO in 2008 and from then until now his personality and human warmth have left a significant mark on all of us.
In this fatal period, Xavier has been an inspiration and an example teaching us to value the most precious thing we have.

We will never forget you!

04 Nov: ENCE put once again its trust in MES Engineered Solutions by AKO to develop two important projects in 2015

MES Engineered Solutions by AKO has been awarded two large projects in the cellulose sector driven by Ence Energía y Celulosa, the European leader in renewable energy production from forest biomass.

15 Jun: Comfort and well-being of people for the CLIMATE of the establishments

Controlling the environmental temperature and humidity conditions in buildings and establishments has never been so important and fundamental to safeguarding people’s comfort and well-being.

Therefore, it is not only essential to monitor the air conditions inside buildings, but also to analyse them and generate indicators to report on environmental quality. This will make it possible to maximise the comfort and health of people inside buildings.

22 May: AKO has donated more than €30,000 worth of electronic equipment to the key industries of this pandemic: Healthcare and Hospitality

AKO, a company which designs, manufactures and markets electronic equipment and solutions to preserve and secure the cold chain in cooling systems, has joined the AQUÍ D’AQUÍ initiative, launched by the FEGP – Federació Empresarial del Gran Penedès (Business Federation of the Gran Penedès), which promotes local economic development.

08 Apr: AKO always close to you

Four weeks after the state of emergency was declared, we express our most sincere solidarity with all those people who commute to their workplaces every day or are working from their homes. We renew our firm commitment to contribute, to the extent possible from our position, to mitigating and reducing as much as possible the negative impact of the health crisis caused by the inexorable spread of COVID-19.

During these difficult times, AKO Group would like to send out a message of hope and let you know that we will experience this Easter from a different perspective, but without a doubt, it will be the first step towards going back to our everyday lives.

01 Apr: At AKO, we ensure our production and capacity to supply material offering service to all essential activities for the whole society

In accordance with the new provisions established in the Royal Decree-Law 10/2020, dated 29 March, and regarding the extraordinary measures taken due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, we hereby inform you that AKO continues its operations, committed to ensure the health and well-being of employees, clients, and providers, and meeting the needs of the cooling sector.

11 Mar: AKO Group renews collaboration ties with IRTA

On February 12 at the AKO Group premises the agreement, signed two years ago with the Institute for Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA), was renewed.

04 Mar: CLIMATE ACTION, a key objective of AKO Group’s sustainable development engineering

AKO Group joins the initiative to help promote commitment to today’s communities and the environment, as part of the first year of the UNESCO World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, and to underline the ways that engineering coupled with technology have helped to meet the UN’s sustainable development goals.

The AKO Group is specifically focusing its knowledge of more than 40 years and its resources (40% of its staff are engineers) to fulfil goal no. 13 “Climate Action”.

02 Dec: How to promote the role of women in the business world?

AKO Group has been present at the V Congress of “Dones d’Empresa” (Business Women) that has brought together more than 150 businesswomen and managers from the area where the company’s headquarters are located.

07 Nov: AKODATA IoT: The 4.0 revolution that directly impacts the Food Retail and Horeca business

There are usually two types of challenges—arising from two different sources—in the management of refrigerated or frozen assets within the Food Retail or Horeca sector, but both have the same effect:

15 Oct: AKODATA NB-IoT: Example of Application in Food Retail

Avoid waste and costs in the conservation of products stored with AKODATA IoT temperature and humidity probes for commercial refrigeration

30 Sep: What is the best refrigeration equipment solution for my establishment?

In Spain there are approximately 20,000 Food Retail establishments, and only one sixth of that number are larger than 1,000m2.

26 Sep: Presentation by AKO solutions at the International Congress of Refrigeration ICR 2019

AKO took part in the 25th International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR 2019) held at the Palais de Congrès in Montreal from 24th to 30th August. In gave various presentations, showcasing its most cutting-edge solutions which provide solutions in key areas of commercial refrigeration, such as food safety and energy efficiency.


AKOCORE ADVANCE, by means of its Self-Drive (c) algorithm, and its robust mechanism, capable of controlling loads of up to 2CV through its five relays, acts on all the loads in the cold room store (compressor, fans, defrost, drainage resistor etc.), optimising electricity consumption, product conservation and extending the operating life of the facility.

05 Aug: AKO commits to young talent through partnership agreements with training centres

The company has signed training agreements with various higher education institutions

05 Aug: AKO at the summit of Refrigeration

The AKO Group has the privilege of attending and participating in the International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR 2019), which takes place at the Palais de Congrès de Montreal from 24 to 30 August.

30 Jul: AKODATA NB-IoT: Horeca Application Example

In 2018, there were almost 280,000 restaurants (1), and 17,000 hotels (2) in Spain. The vast majority of these establishments do not have any system for the remote management or remote monitoring of temperatures in the food stored in their cold room stores and refrigerators food worth several thousand euros for restaurants, on average, and which, for hotels, is worth tens of thousands of euros.

02 Apr: AKO was present at the latest edition of the International HVAC & R Exhibition in Madrid, which garnered great success

The company wishes to thank the numerous visitors who showed interest in its solutions and visited its stand.

14 Jan: The revolution in Cold Room Control, Monitoring and Regulation

AKO introduces the most advanced and intuitive cold room controller in the refrigeration market: AKOCORE ADVANCE®.

14 Jan: Keeping gas in installations: the simplest, most profitable solution

Despite the slight drop in the price of HFCs in the past few days, Refrigerant Gas continues to be worth its weight in GOLD. As we all well know, the refrigeration sector is experiencing a difficult situation, due to the current refrigerant gas scenario.

03 Jul: When and Where a gas leak occurs in refrigeration installations

Identifying when and where a leak occurs in refrigeration installations is key to reducing direct costs in refrigerant gas leaks and to optimizing maintenance costs.

07 Jun: AKO was present at the Chillventa Worldwide Refrigeration event in Nuremberg

The Spanish company specialising in Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration presented their stand 5-142 in hall 5 at the Chillventa Trade Fair 2016; a renowned international event during which companies present the latest innovations in sustainable energy and leading research initiatives aimed at temperature control and regulation for the Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration Industry.

06 Jun: AKO is among the numerous international companies participating in the latest edition of AHR Expo México

AKO, a company with a consolidated position on the Mexican market, will be once again be present during the latest edition of AHR Expo México 2016 which will take place in Monterrey on 20, 21 and 22 September.

02 May: AKO received the “Innovation” Award

AKO received the “Innovation” award from the Director General of the Ministry of Industry, Àngels Chacón, and the President of the FEGP (Gran Penedès Enterprise Foundation) Martí Sistané, during the Nit d’Empresa 2018 ceremony which was held at the iconic renaissance style 19th-century town house, Finca Mas Solers, in St. Pere de Ribes, Barcelona.

22 Jul: AKO closes its 2016 annual convention with the whole team’s participation

The annual company convention was held on July the 14th and 15th, basing the whole event on trusting the members of the team, from the product and process training seminars to the leisure activity the whole team enjoyed.

10 Jun: AKO held technical training with over 850 future professionals in the Refrigeration sector from Rabat

AKO held technical training seminars in the “Complexe de Formation Profesionelele-Hay” vocational training centre in the town of Nahda (Rabat), with over 5000 students where 3 professional training cycle seminars were given on Refrigeration, which were attended by over 850 people.

26 May: AKO at the first edition of the Targul Frigotehnistului Fair held in Romania

AKO meets expectations at the first edition of the Targul Frigotehnistului Fair held in Romania

24 May: AKO, researching Refrigeration market needs

The company is investing in the future of Refrigeration at its Cold Experimentation Room

29 Mar: AKO’s online sales outlet offers second-hand products for Spanish industry professionals

The company continues to invest in the future and uses new technologies to improve service to its customers

23 Nov: The AKO universal fluorinated gas sensors detect new types of gases in accordance with the European Standard EN 378

The manufacturer ensures compliance with current legislation for the European refrigeration systems on which its safety devices are installed.

18 Mar: AKO presented its latest news in control and regulation under the guarantee to comply with current Regulations

AKO shows the market advantages and benefits facility solutions at the Sixteenth Edition of the Climatización Trade Fair.

02 Jan: AKO attends AHR EXPO Chicago

AKO starts off 2015 attending one of the most important fairs in the industrial refrigeration sector.

02 Dec: AKO at the VI Cold Workshop by Adelfe

On November 20 AKO participated both as a sponsor and speaker at the VI Cold Workshop held by the Aldefe Association (Association of reference in Spain in the field of cold rooms and distribution) at the Tajamar Logistics Institute.

25 Nov: Record numbers for AKO at CHILLVENTA 2014

We close the year very pleased with the success achieved at the last fair AKO attended on 2014.

24 Oct: AKO opens a new office in Houston

Faithful to our desire to always be at our clients’ side, AKO has recently moved to Houston, to the heart of the energy capital of the world.

30 Sep: AKO raises great expectations at AHR EXPO – MEXICO 2014

AKO ‘s first visit as an exhibitor at the  AHR EXPO fair in Mexico was a great  success. We are pleased to say that the expectations generated by our products and solutions confirms our decision to expand AKO´s reach to the American continent.

13 Jul: The former US ambassador to Spain, Eduardo Aguirre, visits AKO

The former US ambassador to Spain, Eduardo Aguirre, has visited the installations of AKO to participate in a meeting of the board.


MES Engineered Solutions has been a leader in providing electrical systems with enhanced safety features. After introducing Arc Quenchinh Systems and Arc Reduction Maintenance Systems (ARMS), MES is going a step forward by introducing ThermoObservatio


EHT Tracing panels are normally installed outdoors, exposed to sunlight. In thermosolar plants, these type of industrial control panels need a reliable cooling system to ensure proper operation of internal electrical and electronic components and increase its life span.


AKO will be present at the new edition of AHR EXPO – MEXICO 2014 that will take place at Centro Banamex (Mexico) from September 23 to 25.


AKO´s business unit MES, has recently obtained the UL certification for its industrial control and energy distribution solution, strengthening its internationalization reach and commitment to compliance with current laws in all 90 countries where it exports.