16 Oct: World Food Day 2021

The food we choose and the way we produce, prepare, cook and store and keep it makes us an integral and active part of the way in which an agri-food system works. Temperature is key to ensure the freshness of perishable products, food supplies and product care.

The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted the fragility of our societies: with the increase in food insecurity and inequality between people.

cena empresa AKO-06
21 Sep: AKO Group reunion

AKO Group has held its annual meeting under the slogan ‘Reunion’. This meeting is particularly significant this time around, as it has been two years since the last company-wide meeting.
The main objective of these meetings is to foster personal and professional relationships among the entire AKO Group team.

22 Dec: We regret to report the loss of our colleague and friend Xavier Palomino

After several months fighting his illness, we regret to announce our colleague and friend Xavier Palomino´s loss.
Xavier joined AKO in 2008 and from then until now his personality and human warmth have left a significant mark on all of us.
In this fatal period, Xavier has been an inspiration and an example teaching us to value the most precious thing we have.

We will never forget you!

15 Jun: Comfort and well-being of people for the CLIMATE of the establishments

Controlling the environmental temperature and humidity conditions in buildings and establishments has never been so important and fundamental to safeguarding people’s comfort and well-being.

Therefore, it is not only essential to monitor the air conditions inside buildings, but also to analyse them and generate indicators to report on environmental quality. This will make it possible to maximise the comfort and health of people inside buildings.

22 May: AKO has donated more than €30,000 worth of electronic equipment to the key industries of this pandemic: Healthcare and Hospitality

AKO, a company which designs, manufactures and markets electronic equipment and solutions to preserve and secure the cold chain in cooling systems, has joined the AQUÍ D’AQUÍ initiative, launched by the FEGP – Federació Empresarial del Gran Penedès (Business Federation of the Gran Penedès), which promotes local economic development.

08 Apr: AKO always close to you

Four weeks after the state of emergency was declared, we express our most sincere solidarity with all those people who commute to their workplaces every day or are working from their homes. We renew our firm commitment to contribute, to the extent possible from our position, to mitigating and reducing as much as possible the negative impact of the health crisis caused by the inexorable spread of COVID-19.

During these difficult times, AKO Group would like to send out a message of hope and let you know that we will experience this Easter from a different perspective, but without a doubt, it will be the first step towards going back to our everyday lives.

01 Apr: At AKO, we ensure our production and capacity to supply material offering service to all essential activities for the whole society

In accordance with the new provisions established in the Royal Decree-Law 10/2020, dated 29 March, and regarding the extraordinary measures taken due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, we hereby inform you that AKO continues its operations, committed to ensure the health and well-being of employees, clients, and providers, and meeting the needs of the cooling sector.

04 Mar: CLIMATE ACTION, a key objective of AKO Group’s sustainable development engineering

AKO Group joins the initiative to help promote commitment to today’s communities and the environment, as part of the first year of the UNESCO World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, and to underline the ways that engineering coupled with technology have helped to meet the UN’s sustainable development goals.

The AKO Group is specifically focusing its knowledge of more than 40 years and its resources (40% of its staff are engineers) to fulfil goal no. 13 “Climate Action”.