Introducing you to our AKOSECURE combined gas leak detection and trapped person alarm  

Here at AKO, we have a high level of know-how on the control of refrigerant gas leaks and the regulatory compliance of people in refrigeration systems, with regard to everything encompassing the workplace safety of users and workers.

Applications of our AKOSECURE solution:

  • Detection of leaks aimed at regulatory compliance for supermarkets, convenience stores, hypermarkets…
  • Safety system to alert of trapped persons inside cold rooms, guaranteeing the safety of all users.

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  • Combined gas leak detection and trapped person alarm systems for cold rooms, complying with all of the requirements of current regulations, in one device.
  • Compatibility with gases:
    • HFC’s: R-134a, R-22, R-404A, R-407A, R-407C, R-407F,R-409A, R-408A, R-410A, R-422A, R-422D, R-424A, R-434A, R-442A, R-448A, R-449A, R-450A, R-452A, R-453A, R-507A, R-513A
    • A2L: R-32, R-454A, R-454C, R-455A, R-1234YF
    • CO2
    • NH3


Complete systems for gas detection and protection of persons in cold storage rooms

  • Specific refrigerant gas leak detection solutions, which includes an alarm system plus a HFC, CO2 and NH3 detector.
  • Combined gas leak detection and trapped person alarm solutions which include an alarm system plus a gas detector with an emergency button.
  • Versions with and without battery for negative and positive cold rooms (RD 552/2019 – Spain).
  • Control panels of 1, 2 and 4 channels for maximum adaptation to the specific requirements of each system.
  • Powerful, visual, innovative and high visibility acoustic interface (90 dB a 1 m) which greatly facilitates the alarm diagnostics.

Information regarding legislation:

  • Equipment meets standards RD 552/2019, EN-378-1 and EN-378-3.
  • In each specific machine room, the concentration of coolant must be controlled by a system with a sensor, as a minimum, which acts as an alarm located in premises occupied by people and which eventually isolates parts of the refrigeration system. Additionally, in the event of an alarm, an acoustic and visual warning signal must be provided, both inside and outside of the machine room, hence it is necessary to connect the gas detector or transmitter to an alarm control panel.
  • In cold rooms and refrigerated premises where the level of coolant leaks can exceed the permissible practical limits, a gas leak detection system will be installed which activates an alarm and isolates part of the refrigeration system.
  • In negative cold rooms, it is compulsory to have an alarm device with a battery installed, which has a minimum battery life of 10 hours in accordance with EN-378-1.
  • In Spain, the following equipment must also be installed, in accordance with RD 552/2019:
    • In Negative Cold Rooms: a second alarm system without a battery must be installed as a redundant safety system.
    • In Positive Cold Rooms, it is compulsory to install an alarm device without battery.

Main benefits of this refrigerant gas leak detection controller:

  • New GAS alarm control panel with 4 channels, compatible with detectors and transmitters.
  • The new gas alarm control panel with 4 channels can be configured as 4 or 2 zones, to monitor large rooms with several detectors.
  • New combined gas leak detection and trapped person alarm panel with 2 and 4 channels to adapt to different system sizes.
  • All of the control panels have separate alarm relays for the pre-alarm, gas alarm and for the trapped person alarm.
  • All of the control panels feature MODBUS communication to integrate them into monitoring systems.