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The procool family are electronic control and protection panels for cold rooms and three-phase condenser units.

The family has eight different models for cold rooms, positive and negative, as well as condenser units.


Reduced installation times and costs, commissioning and support.

  • Very spacious inside for handling the writing and intuitive indications for connecting it
  • Add value to your business and customers, helping them to stand out
  • Optimise consumption and the state of the installation, turning off the fans, solenoid and compressor when the door is opened
  • Management of gas collection operations and coordination of defrost cycles in multiple cold rooms

Maximum flexibility, reliability and protection for your cold room, with a robust and durable construction.

  • IP65 waterproof protection and an enclosure especially designed for installation in humid environments
  • Equipped with all the switchgear required for managing and protecting all components of your installation (compressor, evaporator and condenser fans, heating elements) and practice emergency stops if necessary
  • Thanks to an adjustable magnetic starter from 3 to 25 A, with a single model for this panel, we drastically reduce the number of models to be used and help provide an immediate service
  • 230V output with fuse for supplying power to any external load as required
  • Easy to use and troubleshoot
  • Large size screen and high luminosity, with a very wide angle of vision that makes it easy to read, even at heights
  • Alarms diagnostic on the screen

Three-phase and autonomous cold rooms, positive as well as negative, in combination with:

  • Standard condenser units
  • Enclosed condenser sets or as service panels in decentralised systems

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  • Equipped with a compressor magnetic starter adjustable from 3 to 25 A
  • With a single model, you will have a solution for a wide range of applications
  • In stock for immediate delivery
  • Compressor control, condenser and evaporator fans, with defrost using air or heating elements with its applicable contactors
  • On/off switch for the unit, with automatic gas collection.
  • Inputs for condenser, evaporator and defrost fans with clixons
  • General thermal-magnetic circuit breaker
  • Configurable digital inputs, for special manoeuvres such as: door contact, setpoint change, remote defrost…
  • Large size screen for a better viewing of the temperature
  • Operation indicator icons and alarm messages on the screen
  • Quick programming menu (Frequency and duration of the defrost cycle, status of the fans during defrost)
  • Single-phase output with fuse for a proper power supply to the EC single-phase condenser fans, power to the single-phase condenser fan speed regulator, connection for trapped person alarms and/or temperature recorder


Condensing Unit Evaporator
Compressor Condenser Fans Defrost

230 V-l

400 V-lll 230 V-l 400 V-lll 230 V-l 400 V-lll 230 V-l 400 V-lll

Model AKO

3-25 A 3 A


3-25 A 0,3 – 3 A


3-25 A 3 A 4 A


3-25 A 0,3 – 3 A 4 A

3-25 A 3 A 4 A

13.500 W


3-25 A 0,3 – 3 A 4 A

13.500 W

3-25 A 0,3 – 3 A 0,3 – 6 A 13.500 W



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