AKOPRO: a solution for industrial automation and electrical control

Introducing you to all of the characteristics of this advanced refrigeration control panel, designed for a state-of-the-art refrigeration automation and control.  Without a doubt, a safe and profitable investment for any company that has refrigerated systems.

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AKOPRO refrigeration control panels

  • Direct starter with electronic overload relay which can be adjusted between 3 and 25 A.
  • Compressor, condenser fan and evaporator control.
  • Defrost by air or via electrical heating elements.
  • Large screens to improve the temperature display.
  • Operation indicator icons and alarm messages on screen.
  • On/Off switch for the system, with automatic pump down system.
  • Fast programming menu (Frequency and duration of defrosting, fan status during defrosting).
  • Shortcut key for manual defrosting.
  • Shortcut key for temperature control.
  • General circuit breaker switch.
  • Single phase condenser fans: one in unison with the compressor and the second via PA.
  • Single phase fuse-protected output for a correct power supply to single phase EC condenser fans, single phase condenser fan speed controller power supply, trapped person alarm connection and temperature recorder.
  • Three phase condenser fans: one in unison with the compressor, with a separate contactor and the second via PA with electronic overload relay.
  • Input for the condenser fan clixons.
  • Single-pole circuit breaker + general neutral controller.
  • Configurable digital inputs, for special controllers such as: door contacts, setpoint changes, remote defrosting…

Now that we have told you all of the characteristics of these refrigeration control panels, all that’s left for us to do is recommend that if you have any queries or you would like one of our specialist technicians to advise you, you just need to complete the form below and we will contact you straight away.


Condensing Unit Evaporator
Compressor Condenser Fans Defrost

230 V-l

400 V-lll 230 V-l 400 V-lll 230 V-l 400 V-lll 230 V-l 400 V-lll

Model AKO

3-25 A 3 A


3-25 A 0,3 – 3 A


3-25 A 3 A 4 A


3-25 A 0,3 – 3 A 4 A


3-25 A 0,3 – 3 A 0,3 – 6 A

3-25 A 3 A 4 A

13.500 W


3-25 A 0,3 – 3 A 4 A

13.500 W

3-25 A 0,3 – 3 A 0,3 – 6 A 13.500 W