Inputs for NTC, Pt1000 and 4-20 mA probes.

Data logger with two configurable inputs, acoustic alarm + alarm relay and data downloading using a memory card. Display of the maximum and minimum values from the last 24 hours.

Alarm log function, saves a record for each activation / deactivation of an alarm. Download the stored data onto a memory card, in .csv format (comma separated values). Log entries can be scheduled every 1, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Date/time remain correct for up to 2 days in the event of a power failure.

Application: Industrial and commercial refrigeration, process industry, etc.

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Description Model Power Supply
CAMRegis BASIC 2 channels, 1 NTC probe included AKO-15724 90-240 V
CAMRegis BASIC 2 channels with Modbus communication, 1 NTC probe included AKO-15725 90-240 V