01 december 2022

The AKO CO2 gas detection system

During the last years, the AKO CO2 gas detection system has become very popular and widespread installed by commercial refrigeration contractors and integrators all over Europe. This 2022 will end with near 5000 detectors installed. Only in France this last year, more than 1000 detectors have been integrated into 3rd party monitoring systems for food retail applications.

Why is the AKO CO2 detection system a perfect tool for the food retail industry?

  • Accurate & trustworthy (avoids false alarms). All AKO CO2 detector models are built using NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infra-Red) sensors, and they all provide a very high accuracy (error <5%). Moreover, and as a unique feature in the market, the model AKO-575744 presents an anti-condensation algorithm that avoids typical false alarms (frequent when freezer doors are opened for long periods).
  • Flexible. The system provides a working temperature down to -40 °C and IP68 (avoiding water ingress). Two detector versions are available (with and without display), and both can work either autonomously (24V, including relays and communication) or connected to a powerful alarm station (buzzer of 90 dB) that is placed outside the room for safety purposes.
  • Multiple connection methods: By using the pre-alarm and alarm relays (SPDT 30 Vdc, 2 A) as a digital output.

By using the MODBUS protocol to connect

  • To AKO monitoring system (placed in the cloud) via gateway (AKO EDGE) or
  • To 3rd party systems, as all MODBUS maps of AKO devices are public.

By using a 4-20 mA output (linear with CO2 ppm reading and/or tabulated informing of the alarm detector status, depending on the model).

Finally, for the AKO-575744 model, two additional wireless connection methods are available:

  • Bluetooth module CAMM: sample registers, configuration parameters and alarm statistics available by using a specific AKO app.

NB -IoT connection. This revolutionary connection method allows to transmit to the AKO monitoring system (placed in the cloud) without any wire nor gateway nor on-site configuration (available in most of the countries in Europe). This system allows to keep thousands of devices connected in real time.

  • Visual design and intuitive:Parametrization with keypad (no need to open enclosure), assistant for commissioning (easy start-up) and aesthetical design.
AKO-575744 CO2 Transmitter
AKO-57615 Detector + Alarm Station

Written by: Xavier Albets-Chico, Technical Director

Contact to our expert: xalbets@ako.com