Refrigerated transport involves the installation of refrigeration systems in vehicles where merchandise travels from one place to another. Satisfying all the needs of the refrigerated transport sector becomes a great challenge; since maintaining the best quality and the properties of the products that are loaded is the main objective during their transportation.

At AKO we offer reliable refrigerated transport solutions that guarantee correct management of the cold chain. By monitoring the processes involved in this kind of transport, we guarantee the safety of perishable products.

Our refrigeration solutions for transport are adapted to refrigerated trucks, containers, vans and trailers.

Up to 33% of perishable product suffers deterioration before being consumed due to inadequate storage conditions and ignorance of the state of the food.


At AKO we are aware that transport-oriented refrigeration solutions are the most demanding and require the use of components capable of adapting to:

  • A wide range of fluctuating temperatures.
  • Small spaces.
  • Optimization of fuel consumption, which is why our equipment is manufactured using light materials.
  • Impact and vibration, which is why stable and reliable equipment is essential.
  • Extreme conditions that require protection against corrosion.
Up to 9% of food losses occur in cold rooms due to inadequate storage temperature and the lack of information on the environmental conditions inside.


  • Reliable solutions.
  • Low installation and maintenance costs.
  • Ease of installation and use.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Effective logging of temperature and moisture.
  • Logging subject to metrological control for deep-frozen foods.
  • Constant development of innovative solutions thanks to the R+D+i department.
  • Respecting the environment.
  • Compact and lightweight components.
  • Ensuring uninterrupted management of the cold chain.
  • Guaranteeing optimal conservation of the transported products.
  • Monitor and control what is happening in real time to anticipate possible breakdowns.
It is critical to monitor the temperature of the entire supply chain of refrigerated goods, to act immediately in the event of an alarm due to an interruption in the cold chain.

What do we achieve with efficient management of all the elements within a refrigerated transport installation?

At AKO we are pioneers in offering innovative, reliable and efficient solutions designed to pursue these objectives:

  • Reduce the cost of energy consumption of the property.
  • Reduce downtime to near zero in food processing plants and warehousing facilities.
  • Ensure the preservation of food that requires temperature and moisture control.
  • Guaranteeing food safety.
  • Minimize food waste.
  • Be environmentally friendly.
  • Remote management and monitoring of installations with cloud platforms.
Online food commerce is growing at a rate of 10% per year.