AKO offers the range of AKODATA sensors, able to recording temperature and humidity, eliminating associated costs and wiring difficulties. In combination with AKONET.CLOUD, it increases the benefit for works related to the maintenance of distributed refrigerated installations.

• 9% of product losses in developed countries
they are due to a bad regulation temperature (1)

• A monitoring system for temperature and humidity
that is installed and starts up in less than 1 minute

• IP68 protection, ranges NTC -40 T 50Cª and 0 RH 100%.
• Configurable data recording frequency.
• Integrated connectivity; Optional external antenna.

  • Not subject to metrological control

AKODATA is a 100% cable-free solution that allows continuous monitoring of systems that usually do not have such monitoring, and without limiting the mobility of them.

The device incorporates a battery with a autonomy of 3 years, and connectivity via NB-IoT (Narrow Band, Internet of Things).

The NB-IoT technology guarantees excellent coverage, even inside cold rooms, and provides devices with direct connection to the cloud, without the need for Gateways, concentrators, or routers of any kind, completely eliminating connectivity problems that other technologies, such as WIFI, usually have in industrial environments.

The security in the stored data is total, with a redundancy of the same, as much in the own device, as in the cloud, and with the transmission of the same completely encrypted by means of private APN.

(1): Use of Cold Chains for reducing food losses in developing countries, PEF White Paper No. 13-03, by Lisa Kitinoja. The Postharvest Education Foundation (PEF). December 2013.

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