AKODATA CLIMA is a wireless temperature and moisture monitor and logger that helps to maintain optimal conditions in your establishment that minimize the risks of contagion and transmission of pathogens. In combination with AKONET.CLOUD, it allows you to monitor these conditions and thus achieve the safest possible space.

Maintaining temperature conditions between 20 and 27 ºC and moisture between 40 and 70% allows you to maintain, on the one hand, thermal comfort, and on the other, a sanitary comfort, which are directly related to these conditions:

  • The human body’s filter system stops working optimally when the environment is very dry, since it reduces the mucus by stiffening it, preventing the first immunological barrier from acting correctly.
  • A dry environment causes any small drops in the environment (produced when sneezing or even talking) to evaporate more quickly and the viruses and bacteria they carry remain floating in the environment for longer, facilitating infections and contagions.
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AKODATA CLIMA is a 100% cable free solution that allows continuous monitoring of systems that usually do not have such monitoring, and without limiting their mobility.

The device has a battery that lasts up to 8 years and NB-IoT connectivity (Narrow Band, Internet of Things).

Description Antenna Model
Temperature and moisture monitor for climate control NB-IoT + 1 Year of connectivity Internal AKO-5900