AKO has donated more than €30,000 worth of electronic equipment to the key industries of this pandemic: Healthcare and Hospitality

AKO, a company which designs, manufactures and markets electronic equipment and solutions to preserve and secure the cold chain in cooling systems, has joined the AQUÍ D’AQUÍ initiative, launched by the FEGP – Federació Empresarial del Gran Penedès (Business Federation of the Gran Penedès), which promotes local economic development.

AKO wanted to contribute by helping of all those Hospitality and Healthcare businesspeople, who have been deeply affected by this crisis. This way, it has launched a donation campaign worth more than €30,000, whose main objective is to help alleviate this difficult situation.

It is a device designed so that the owner of a facility, whether a restaurant or a hospital, can monitor remotely, using their Smartphone or PC, the proper operation of their refrigerated chambers and cabinets. Besides, it offers the possibility of monitoring air humidity, helping to stop COVID-19 infections. Therefore, this device has a double function and is pioneer in the market.

The company has always been concerned about its relationship with its environment, reaching agreements with local suppliers, entities and research centres. As AKO‘s Vice President and CEO, Josep Lluís Bescós, states: ‘We are from Garraf and more than 50% of our employees live here. During this time, we should help each other and collaborate in order to overcome this situation as soon as possible.’

AKO, which has always been committed to society, believes that only by working together will it be possible to overcome this emergency situation.