AKO invests in the future of refrigeration at its cold experimentation room

AKO is currently engaged in the research and development of new solutions for the Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration market at its Cold Experimentation Room, located in AKO‘s headquarters in St. Pere de Ribes (Barcelona). 

AKO started this ambitious project in 2012, with the firm commitment to innovate refrigeration technology, providing a new space that has been created with a twofold objective. On the one hand, to show the use of refrigeration technologies and how to install them, exploring all the possibilities and benefits of the AKOSYS comprehensive solution. And, on the other hand, to have a research and knowledge generation area, so that everybody can get to know the added value technological solutions and reliability the company offer the market and to understand their many benefits. 

The Cold Experimentation Room with an infrastructure and features that are unique in the European market, has as its major attraction the AKOSYS System. A comprehensive system, made up by the AKOSOFTAKODUOAKOCAM, AKOCONTROLAKOCABLE and AKOPRO ranges tha provide benefits to the entire Refrigeration process, guaranteeing cold chain constantly, from the control room to sales rooms, passing through the cold production and food preservation rooms. 

The products that make up the AKOSYS exhibition area are also intercommunicated and are controllable form the Management and Control Software, AKONET, which allows to carry out a reliable and safe management of the entire local facility  remotely via Internet, and on mobile devices. This  connectivity  is one of the key points of the AKOSYS comprehensive Solution. Furthermore, each of its ranges are designed and manufactured to comply with current Standards, optimising energy consumption of the facility, guaranteering health and safety and always protecting the environment. 

The Cold Experimentation Room’s objective is to be a product exhibition, demonstration and training area and to carry research projects on new solutions and applications of Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration as efficiently as possible, according to international standards