EHT Tracing panels are normally installed outdoors, exposed to sunlight. In thermosolar plants, these type of industrial control panels need a reliable cooling system to ensure proper operation of internal electrical and electronic components and increase its life span.

Refrigeration panels in hazardous locations C1D2

At Solana, Arizona, AKO Engineering has successfully delivered cooling system modules to ensure internal temperatures are maintained in an appropriate range. Panels are installed in C1D2 locations where temperatures up to 122 F are expected. AKO´s business unit MES has designed and  made the necessary calculations of the cooling system, and has also been in charge of its assembly. On the other hand, AKO Engineering provided project management and commissioning services.Close cooperation with our partner company IceQube, especialized in electrocoolers, allowed for an optimal design in terms of performance-cost ratio.An additional feature of the system is that it is almost maintenance-free. Its filters only need to be cleaned up after one of Arizona’s famous dusts storms.