World Food Safety Day

Since 2019 we have been celebrating today, World Food Safety Day. Food safety is key to achieving several of the Sustainable Development Goals. Food Safety has a critical role in assuring that food stays safe at every stage of the food chain.

Food Safety is everyone’s business. Many people are involved in the journey of food from farms to our forks.

The food we choose and the way we produce, prepare, cook, store, and keep it, make us an integral and active part of the way in which an agri-food system works.

Maintaining the cold chain is essential. The most obvious reasons are of hygienic-sanitary nature. The maintenance of the products under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature is one reason; the other is to guarantee the quality of the products with optimal levels of rigorousness, quality, satisfaction, or enjoyment.

At AKO Group, we offer connected solutions based on IoT and cloud computing that provide minimum response times to any anomaly in product conservation, as well as very valuable information to improve their state of conservation and increase energy efficiency.

Safer food, better health.